Video Slots Casino introduces Responsible Gaming feature

Video Slots Casino introduces Responsible Gaming feature

Looking for a way to make keeping track of your gambling budget easier? You may be interested in Video Slots Casino's latest upgrades to its responsible gambling feature. Whether you want to set limits on your losses, restrict the amount of wagers you can make per day, or make it easier to keep track of time spent in the casino, Video Slots Casino's new responsible gambling options make it simple.

Where are the responsible gambling features located?

You can find the new responsible gambling options in your player profile. You may receive a notification about these changes and get redirected to the page as soon as you log in. If not, simply select the "Responsible Gambling" tab from within your profile.

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How is the new responsible gambling system different?

Video Slots Casino has replaced its original deposit limit feature with a more robust one-click system. You can now restrict losses, wagers, or time spent directly through your profile without having to chat with a support representative. The restrictions will be put into action as soon as you submit them, so you can immediately start playing with your limits in place.

Can I increase my limits later?

Yes, but only after a cool-down period of 7 days. This is to ensure that you don't make a rash decision after a bad run of luck.

Are these features optional?

Yes. You do not have to use the responsible gambling options if you do not want to.

How does the "Set Loss Limit" feature work?

The "Set Loss Limit" feature allows you to decide how much you are willing to lose at the casino in a given 24-hour period. Once you reach total daily net losses that equal your chosen limit, an automated system will stop you from making any more bets until the next day.

How does the "Set Wager Limit" feature work?

If you'd like a fixed amount of action every day, the "Set Wager Limit" option may be for you. This allows you to choose how much you want to bet each day. Once your total daily bets reach that total, the Video Slots Casino system will prevent you from making any more wagers for the rest of the day.

How does the "Set Time-out Limit" feature work?

It's easy to lose track of time while playing, but the "Set Time-out Limit" feature at Video Slots Casino makes this much less of an issue. Just decide how much time you'd like to spend at the most playing in the casino. Once this time limit is up, you'll have to wait until the next day to make more bets.

What other options are available to me?

If you need a longer break from gambling, Video Slots Casino can temporarily lock your account for a set number of days. You can also look at the "Responsible Gaming" page on the casino's website for some more tips on keeping a level head while playing and other resources.

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