VERSUS Is Coming to Red Flush Casino

VERSUS Is Coming to Red Flush Casino

The Dark Knight Rises has quickly become one of the top video slots at Red Flush Casino. To celebrate the game's success, Red Flush is preparing an exciting new tournament called VERSUS. The competition will run from the 30th of September all the way through the 27th of October. Get all the information about this upcoming promotion below, and then head over to Red Flush Casino any time after the 23rd of September to register.

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is an upcoming tournament sponsored by Red Flush Casino. Unlike most of the other tournaments that the casino offers, VERSUS will feature a wide range of prizes that include more than just cash. It will also be bigger than virtually any other tournament the casino has sponsored - more players will win, and there will be 4 weeks of play with multiple rounds.

How is the VERSUS tournament set up?

Red Flush Casino will split the tournament into two separate leaderboards: one for high rollers and one for intermediate players. This ensures that everyone has a fair chance to win a prize.

The competition spans a total of 4 weeks. The contest will start with two separate qualifying rounds. All players who make it onto a winning position in either the first or second week will be given an invitation to the two-week final round. Beat all the other players in these final weeks and you'll receive the grand prize. Several other prizes will be given to runners-up.

Alex Roberts, the promotional manager at Red Flush Casino, has confirmed that the VERSUS tournament will give more winnings to more players: "The best part is that we're extending more prizes to more players than any tournament ever before, all the way down the leaderboard." In fact, prizes will be available in every single round of the contest.

Bane Game Extension

By registering for the VERSUS tournament, you'll get to take part in Red Flush Casino's limited-time Bane Game. Match up the symbols and you could win special match bonuses, real cash, or even free spins on the new The Dark Knight Rises video slot. More information is available on the Red Flush Casino "Promotions" page.

Registering for VERSUS

Registration for the VERSUS competition will be open on the 23rd of September. The first qualifying round for the competition will begin on the 30th. If you don't make it into a qualifying position the first time around, or if you simply didn't register, you'll get a second try on the following week.

About The Dark Knight Rises

If you haven't given it a try yet, now is a good time to test out the new The Dark Knight Rises video slot from Microgaming Casinos. The game offers a Bane vs. Batman free spins feature, the ability to turn losing spins into winners, and 243 ways of action. You can try it for free in our games index right here at AskGamblers before playing it for real money or in the VERSUS tournament at Red Flush Casino.

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