The $1,000 Holiday Cash Bash at Bodog Casino

The $1,000 Holiday Cash Bash at Bodog Casino

This December, Bodog Casino is giving its players the chance to win a massive $1,000 prize in the Holiday Cash Bash. All you need to win is play your favorite slots or other casino games at Bodog as much as you can before 22 December. Guaranteed weekly prizes of $10 are also being given out. If you'd like your chance to have $1,000 cash as an early Christmas present to yourself, head over to Bodog Casino and start playing today.

Entering the Cash Bash

Bodog Holiday Cash Bash

If you are a Bodog Casino member, you are automatically entered into the Holiday Cash Bash. You don't have to worry about filling in any opt-in forms or using any special codes. If you don't already have a Bodog account, don't worry - you've still got plenty of time. Just use this link to go to Bodog today and sign up.

Qualifying for the $1,000 Prize Draw

Earning your first entry into the $1,000 prize draw is easy. Just play any of the games in Bodog Casino in real money mode. Once you earn your first casino point, you will automatically be entered. You can increase your chances by accumulating even more casino points. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn to enter into the drawing. Just remember that you need to earn them by the evening of 22 December in order to have them put into the drawing!

Casino points are generated as follows:

  • Slots - 2 points for every $10 wagered
  • All other casino games - 1 point for every $10 wagered
  • Single-Deck and Double-Deck Blackjack - 1 point for every $25 wagered

Keep these rates in mind when deciding what to play. If your goal is to get entries as quickly as possible without having to bet too much, slots are the way to go. However, if you have some time and are familiar with proper strategy, you can also generate a good number of points by playing blackjack, video poker, or any of the other games in Bodog Casino's library.

The Drawing

Bodog Holiday Cash Bash

All casino points you earn between 9 December and 22 December will be the number of entries you have in the $1,000 drawing, which will be held no later than Christmas Eve (24 December). All entries have an equal chance of being drawn, so the more you earn, the better your odds of winning are. If you are the winner, make sure your contact information is up-to-date, as Bodog Casino will need to contact you to confirm the prize.

The $1,000 prize is cash credited to your Bodog Casino account. It comes with no wagering requirements or other conditions. You are free to use it to play any of the games or withdraw it whenever you like.

Weekly $10 Bonuses

Bodog Casino is giving everyone a little gift in the form of a $10 bonus each week during the Cash Bash promotion, up to $20. To get your bonuses, simply accumulate 50 or more casino points between Monday the 9th and Sunday the 15th, and again between Monday the 16th and Sunday the 22nd. These weekly bonuses carry a 20x wagering requirement with standard game exclusions.

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