The Scarface Video Slot Makes Its Official Debut

The Scarface Video Slot Makes Its Official Debut

The year's most anticipated slot is finally here. Scarface, based on the legendary film starring Al Pacino, has been released to every NetEnt casino in our listings. We've also added it to our free games page so you can try it out for free. But before you do, take a look below to see what Scarface has to offer you. With some of the most innovative features we've seen yet, we think you're in for a treat.

Basic Pay Structure


Although it is certainly not a typical video slot by any means, Scarface does use a normal five-reel slot structure. As you are likely aware, the goal of the base game is to get matching symbols to run along the reels from the leftmost reel. There are a total of 20 different paylines along which these combinations can occur, and all 20 of them are always enabled.

If you'd like to adjust your wager on Scarface, you'll need to use the "Bet Level" and "Coin Value" options. Start with "Coin Value" to determine your base denomination, then increase your "Bet Level" until you're betting an amount you are most comfortable with.

Stacked Wilds

Nothing in the Scarface video slot has more value than its stacked wilds. Appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4, these clustered symbols feature one of three main characters in the Scarface film. If a large number of them appear in a single spin, you can expect a massive payout.

These stacked wilds are also what make Scarface such a unique game. Instead of having separate symbols for the various features, Scarface integrates them into the wilds. As such, if you can get at least one reel full of nothing but wilds, you will get a solid base game payout as well as trigger one of the game's three features.

Nudge Spins

The game's first feature is Nudge Spins. In order to activate it, you'll need to get reel 2 completely filled with stacked wilds. Once the base game payout is calculated, the feature will be triggered.

Upon activating Nudge Spins, the expanded wild will "nudge" down the reel by one space, filling only the bottom two rows. The remaining reels will respin and all wins will be calculated. It will then nudge again and repeat the process until the wild on the second reel has fallen off. If you can get reels 3 and/or 4 to contain wilds during this feature, you're in for a big payoff.

Free Spins

The second Scarface feature is Free Spins. As one of the most common types of features in the video slot world, free spins are known to give out a dependable amount of big cash. To activate this feature, just get a completely stacked wild on reel 4.

When the Free Spins round begins, you'll be awarded 15 free spins. To make it even more lucrative, each win will be boosted with a x3 multiplier. You can re-trigger the feature by simply getting another fully stacked 4th reel.

Bonus Game

Scarface's signature feature is its Bonus Game, which puts you in the game as Scarface himself. Activate the feature by getting a full set of stacked wilds on reel 3. After the base pays are calculated, you're in.

During the Bonus Game, your objective is to shoot as many of your enemies as possible. You'll need to be strategic: after each shot, your enemies will advance closer. Choose your kills wisely and make the most of the time that you have. Once poor Tony meets his maker, the feature is over.