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The Most Unique Video Poker Games

The Most Unique Video Poker Games

For many, video poker is the perfect casino game. These exciting poker-based machines can award players huge jackpots, but also require gamblers to know good strategy. Consequently, the result is a game that can have odds as good as blackjack with the high-variance fun of slot machines. However, it's easy to get tired of playing the same games over and over again, so here are some unique video poker games to spice up anyone's gambling regimen.

Pick 'Em Poker

An incredibly simple variation of video poker, Pick 'Em begins by dealing the player four cards instead of the conventional five from a standard 52-card deck. The first two cards are frozen and are mandatory to be used in the hand. The only decision the player has is whether to play the third or the fourth card. Both the third and the fourth card cannot be used at the same time.

Because of its limitations, Pick 'Em Poker typically has a much more generous paytable, commonly with a pair of nines paying 2 coins, and higher-ranking hands paying significant amounts of money, with royal flushes generally paying 6000 coins. Strategy in Pick 'Em Poker is much more straightforward than in other variations.

Players looking for the best Pick 'Em Poker in the market should definitely check out Manhattan Slots. This RTG-based casino's Pick 'Em Poker has generous paytable with a house edge of only .05%, making it the best game in the entire casino! With their video poker reload bonuses, it's a fantastic gamble.

Multihand Poker

Players looking for a dramatic and refreshing take on video poker need look no further than multihand video poker. The game's paytables are usually the same as the single-hand variations, and it can be found in virtually all varieties. Whether you're a fan of Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, or anything in between, there's a multihand poker game for you.

Just like the above games, the player is dealt five cards and must choose which to hold and which to discard. The discarded cards are thrown away, and then the fun begins. Each hand is started with the cards the player held, the deck is shuffled, and cards are tossed into all hands. Between each hand, the deck is re-shuffled. Therefore, for only just a few cents a hand, multihand video poker gives players the opportunity to hit huge payouts.

Gamblers who want the best multihand video poker experience should definitely give 3Dice Casino a try. Their proprietary software has a stellar multihand video poker game with excellent paytables, giving players all the entertainment they could want from their gambling bankroll.

Level Up Poker

Looking for the most gargantuan payouts in video poker? Look no further than Level Up Poker, a game where lucky streaks are rewarded greatly. The game is available in all sorts of common and not-so-common video poker variations, so anyone can take a shot at conquering this unique casino game.

Players are given dealt four hands and must bet on all of them beforehand. Then, the first hand of five cards is revealed, and players decide which cards to hold and which to throw away. If the player gets any paying hand, they advance to the second level of hands, which awards 2x for all wins. Level three pays 4x, and the top level pays a whopping 8x! Level Up Poker also assists players in reaching these higher levels by occasionally offering Free Ride cards, ensuring that they'll rank up regardless of whether or not they get a winning hand.
Strategy for level-up poker, while close to single-hand editions of their games, varies slightly. This is because players really want to get to the higher levels; consequently, the least risky move is generally the best one.

Players who want to take a try at Level Up Poker should consider Ladbrokes Casino. This world-renowned Microgaming casino, while not open to US players, certainly offers plenty of promotions and top-notch service to make playing Level Up Poker as fun as it ought to be.

So, the next time you're looking to have some video poker fun, why not break the mold and check out a few of these twisted variations on a beloved classic? With all sorts of ways to win big with video poker, there's no reason not to try all of these great games.

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