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The ISS Multiplayer Slot Launches at 3Dice Casino

The ISS Multiplayer Slot Launches at 3Dice Casino

3Dice Casino, one of the most unique proprietary online casinos around, has recently launched the industry's most complex multiplayer video slot. Put your spacesuit on and get ready to explore the vast depths of the universe in ISS (Intergalactic Space Station). We can honestly say that this game goes places where no video slot has ever gone before. Even US players can get in on the fun!

An Unknown World

3Dice Casino

ISS has been a work in progress for a large portion of 2011 and is now finally here. When you first load the game, you'll be seeing a stellar view of the cosmos as introductory text scrolls through the screen in true Star Wars fashion. After settling down at a game, you'll be surrounded by others around a spectacular spacecraft. With symbols like alien species, UFOs, and astronauts, this game really brings a genuine sci-fi flavor.

General Structure

3Dice Casino

ISS is, truly, the definition of unconventional. Once you load the game, you'll be presented with numerous planets that you can choose from. Each planet is simply a room where up to 10 players may play the game at a time. Various planets will have different sidegames, with the most common being the Combo Challenger. New challenge types are still being added, but 3Dice Casino provides a very thorough explanation of each within the software.

Once the game loads, you'll be able to see all the others playing around you. Set your bet to the amount you wish, then start spinning. The interface may seem overwhelming at first, but spinning is as easy as ever. Like all video slots, you win cash prizes for getting matching combinations of symbols running left-to-right along any of the active paylines.


The main focus of ISS is a mysterious, valuable substance known as "spice". The more spice you have when the feature is activated, the more you can win (and in order to win anything, you'll need at least some spice). In order to get some, you need to get 3 or more scattered Green Orbs anywhere on the reels.

A big plus about ISS is that, once you have spice, you can hold onto it for as long as you like. When you've determined that you have enough, you can simply sit back and wait for the others to activate the feature, then reap your rewards.


This is where the multiplayer aspect comes into play. Although each player must accumulate his or her own spice, you all work together to activate the feature. In order to do this, you must complete your planet's sidegame. In the Combo Challenger, for instance, you must complete a path to the finish point by getting certain symbol combinations.

You don't have to do this completely alone, however. ISS does offer some assistance if you fill the Sidegame Meter by repeatedly getting 2 or more scattered Green Orbs in a spin. You will then be given special wildcards that can help you complete the challenge more quickly, but be careful: when used improperly, these wildcards can make it even harder!

The Feature

Once the sidegame is completed, the feature will finally be activated. Only those with spice are allowed to participate. A giant wheel will come out of the center and begin to spin. When it finally stops, your marker will indicate how many "replicate points" you earn. The number of coins you win is then simply your replicate points times your spice. Or, if you're very lucky, your marker will land on Power Up, which will significantly boost your earning potential.

Check Out ISS at 3Dice Casino

3Dice Casino

It may sound a bit complex, but after just a little while in an ISS room, we're sure you'll get the hang of this intergalactic wonder. Bear in mind that 3Dice Casino is world-renowned for its customer service, so if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, just pop into chat and start up a discussion with a representative.

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