The AskGamblers Bonus Pages Get a Major Makeover

The AskGamblers Bonus Pages Get a Major Makeover

As you may know, we have just recently performed a major update to our list of Online Casinos. In an effort to make our website even more useful, we have now also redone two more pages: our list of match bonuses and our list of no deposit bonuses. We want to give our readers the best value they can get for their money, so we decided to extend these pages and make them more easy to use. We're proud to say it's now the largest, most user-friendly list of bonuses on the Web.

Claiming Is Easy

Our list was designed so that you can claim your bonus as quickly as possible. Although we have no control over the casino's cashier system, we can direct you to where you need to go. Many of the bonuses will say "Use our link". With these bonuses, you just need to click on the Claim button on the right, register your account, and log in for real money play. The bonus should then be on your account. If it's a match bonus, you'll just need to deposit to get it activated.

AskGamblers Bonus

The remainder of the bonuses have a promo code in red. If this is the case, hit the Claim button, register, and log in. The cashier window should then allow you to type in the promotional code. If you do not see a box where you can type the code in, contact the casino's support to have them manually redeem the bonus for you.

Essential Details in One Simple Location

We don't want you to have to wonder about the terms and conditions of a bonus. Both the match bonus and no deposit bonus pages list all the crucial information about each bonus in an easy-to-read format. On the no deposit bonus page, we list the cash value of the bonus in bold. The match bonus page states the percentage of the bonus and the maximum value in each row. Both pages also include the wagering requirement. Please note that most bonuses have some game restrictions. After you decide on a bonus, it's best to read the terms and conditions listed on the actual casino website to get the specific rules for that particular bonus.

Most Recent Bonuses on Top

We have made it easy for you to get the newest bonuses by placing them on the top of our listings. On both the match bonuses page and the no deposit bonuses page, you will see each set of bonuses is separated by the date they were added. We have ordered them so that you can find the latest bonus offers without having to dig through the entire list.

Access the Reviews

Our bonus pages are now integrated with our entire casino review index. Before you claim a bonus, you can click on the review link for the casino. In the review, you'll find helpful information such as the variety of games offered, the quality of the customer support, and whether the casino is both secure and fair. Our reviews even have a listing of any complaints that have ever been filed against a casino. The CasinoRank number at the top of the review summarizes these factors and provides a good indicator of the casino's overall quality.

Constantly Updated

The online casino industry is constantly growing. New bonuses are coming out almost every day. By visiting our no deposit bonus list and match bonus list, you can be the first to find out about new promotional opportunities. Whether it's a high-percentage welcome bonus or a few free no deposit bonus bucks, you'll be able to find it at the new AskGamblers bonuses page.