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Technical Troubles at Some US Online Casinos

Technical Troubles at Some US Online Casinos

Some of our most popular US-friendly online casinos are having technical troubles at this time. If you are a member of casinos belonging to the Revenuejet group, you may notice that they are currently down. These casinos should be back up and running within a week or two. Here are some answers to questions you may have about these outages.

Which casinos are currently affected by these outages?

As of now, here are the Revenuejet online casinos that we know of who are currently out of service:

Begado, another online casino, is also experiencing outages. However, they are not affiliated with the Revenuejet group, and it is unclear whether they are facing the same issues as ClassyCoin, Loco Panda, Onbling, and Grand Parker.

How long have the casinos been out of service?

We know that the casinos in the Revenuejet group have been out of service since at least the 18th of November. Begado may have been down for longer. During this time, players have not been able to log into their accounts. Players can still contact support through live chat, email, or phone, however.

When will the casinos be back up?

Support staff at the Revenuejet group and Begado is unable to provide a specific date at which the upgrades will be over. Representatives from both companies have stated that it should take no longer than 1-2 weeks. When the casinos have returned from their outages, we will place notifications in our forum and our updates section.

I have money in one of these casinos. What should I do?
We understand how frustrating it is when you simply want access to your funds. The best course of action is to stay calm and wait for the casinos to return from their outages. Since both Revenuejet and Begado state that their servers are down, they are unable to process withdrawals at this time. Complaining to their support staff will do very little to speed this up.

However, we can offer assistance through the AskGamblers complaints service. We are currently working with management at both Revenuejet and Begado to get the casinos back up and running and want to get our readers access to their money as quickly as possible. By filling out the free complaint form on our site, you'll be prioritized when the cashier starts processing withdrawals.

What has caused the outages?

Neither Revenuejet nor Begado is able to state the exact cause of its outage. We simply know that both companies are upgrading their servers to accommodate the growing number of players, and the process is taking longer than expected. Once the server upgrades are complete, the Revenuejet casinos and Begado expect that players should have a smoother experience than before.

Where can I go for more information?

We'll keep an eye out for any updates on this situation and post updates as we receive them. To get this information first, we recommend signing up at the AskGamblers forum and checking out the thread currently dedicated to this matter. Registration is free and only takes a moment of your time.

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