Sun Vegas Casino Loyalty Program

Sun Vegas Casino Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Sun Vegas Casino Loyalty Program.

Get your first 250 Loyalty points absolutely FREE, on registering a Real account.

Earn Dollars by Betting @ Sun Vegas Casino!

Here's how it all works:
For Every $10 you bet, we will give you 1 loyalty point. The more you play, the more money you earn!! And the more loyalty points you have, the more Free tokens you can redeem!! See our scaled System:

Loyalty points system
Loyalty Points Free Casino Chip
500 1
1000 2.2
1500 3.3
2000 4.8
2500 6
5000 13
10,000 30
20,000 60
25,000 87
50,000 200


Once you are a registered loyal player, your Loyalty account will be updated automatically as you wager.

You can redeem your Free Loyalty Bonus at any time, and you can verify your Loyalty balance at any time!

Simply log into your casino account and click on the Loyalty Button, or choose loyalty from the menu.

Terms And Conditions :

Only real money players are eligible to collect Loyalty Program points.
All Blackjack does NOT count
All other games count 100%
Slots count TRIPLE (300%)*

Your casino password will be created as your loyalty account password.

Players must redeem Loyalty points.
ALL Terms and Conditions Apply.

Remember: The more you play, the more money you earn!

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