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Overview: Although such cases are rare, the industry is not 100% immune to communication breakdowns, server or other hardware issues and even human mistakes. Sometimes the reason for the casino to simply stop responding by all means (software, contact facility and support team) is a pure matter of internal outstanding financial relationships between software provider and a casino for example. Sometimes the operator manages to recover from such offline issues very fast, but in certain situations it might take ages to return to normal operational mode. And during all this time, customers are not able to access neither the casino website or its software or usually-both. Now try to imagine what tens of thousands of players were experiencing back in 2012, when the software of not one, not even two, but whole five casinos, suddenly stopped working and responding in a blink of an eye and then remained the same state for weeks!

Symptoms: Casino website and/or software suddenly stops responding and operate in a normal mode and customers are not able to access their accounts and funds.

Before submitting the complaint: In order to have your complaint successfully resolved, it is crucial to identify the main problem and/or concern, which lead to the delay. There are few questions and answers, listed below, which may help you identify the case better and even reconsider your intention to submit a complaint.

    Frequent questions and possible solutions for your issue

  • Did you try to contact the casino support to find out what’s wrong?

    In case of an emergency with a casino, there’s no one else to help you better but the casino support itself. Usually when a casino is offline, the efforts are directed toward the support team in order to provide the necessary information to affected players.

  • For how long is offline the casino?

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Important! Please read the following rules before proceeding.

  • Do not submit multiple complaints referring to the same issue.
  • Share all the proof and facts you have as each detail matters.
  • Be clear regarding what you expect from the operator.
  • Do not make accusations you cannot prove.
  • Violated terms? Not a casino-related issue? Sorry, there is nothing we can do.

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service /AGCCS/ Guidelines

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service /AGCCS/ is an online mediation service offered to registered AskGamblers members facing an issue with any online casino listed and reviewed on our website. AGCCS is a 100% free service for both players and operators and not sponsored by any gambling company. Before submitting your complaint, please read the guidelines listed below very carefully and keep in mind that not complying with any of these rules will most probably result in your complaint being rejected.

The General Guidelines: 

Insufficient information and proof 

It is of crucial importance to make sure your complaint contains sufficient information, details and facts prior to submitting it. Always strive to support your claims with all relevant proof, if any. Valid proof, for example, could be screenshots and/or copies of emails, gaming logs, chat transcripts and any other piece of evidence you might have in your possession which could bring additional clarity and validity to your dispute. Keep in mind that stating false information and/or proof will lead to an immediate ban from all services offered by AskGamblers.

Unjustified accusations towards operators

The AskGamblers Complaint Team maintains zero tolerance towards any accusations or demands against casino operators unless justified enough and/or supported with relevant evidence to prove the validity of your statements and claims.

Violation of casino or bonus terms

Please keep in mind that in case of a violation of casino and/or bonus terms, the AskGamblers Complaint Team will, unfortunately, be unable to help you. Whether you consider these casino terms fair or not, AskGamblers is adamant in our position that once they have been accepted by a player they are to be duly respected and followed. All matters concerning the fairness of a particular casino and/or bonus terms you could address directly to the relevant regulatory body which is the only authority legally empowered to review such matters, commit relevant investigation and force subsequent changes if any irregularities are found.

Multiple complaints referring to same issue

Multiple complaints posted by the same user and referring to the same issue are not allowed and will be rejected. Depending on the status of your previous complaint case you should consider the following actions:

  • If your previous case was closed for any reason, please contact our support team via email ([email protected]) and explain if there are new facts regarding the case and why you think it should be reopened;
  • If the case is still open, please use the reply link stated inside any of the notification emails sent from AskGamblers Casino Complaint System /AGCCS/ to respond directly;
  • If the complaint was rejected, please make sure to comply with all the recommendations or requests stated within the complaint rejection message.

Not a casino or sports betting related issue

Having an issue concerning poker, bingo or esports? Sorry, we cannot help you. As the AskGamblers website is currently focused mostly on online casinos and slot games, AGCCS is not designed or meant to provide a complaint service, nor accept complaints concerning esports, bingo, poker or any other gambling-related matters except disputes referring to the usage of online casino products and their affiliate programs.

No particular demands stated

Make sure to state in a clear and unambiguous way what you expect from the operator, why you believe your demand is justified, and, of course, strive to support your claims with as many arguments and facts as possible. Keep in mind that if you are not certain of the validity of your claims, no one else will be either.

Posting a complaint vs. writing a review

Willing to share your negative experience with an online casino? You are most welcome to write a review. However, please do not use the complaint system for this purpose. Keep in mind that AGCCS is reserved for real issues which were not addressed or resolved by the operator.

Operator missing from list

Unfortunately, if the operator against which you intend to file a complaint is missing from the drop-down menu upon submitting your case, it means that they have either not yet been presented and reviewed on AskGamblers or they have been assigned a Terminated status. We’ve tried in the past to provide our customers with a complaint service against operators with whom we are not working, but it’s never generated any positive results.

Private vs. public attachments 

Have some proof to support your claims? You are most welcome to attach this evidence to your dispute. However, keep in mind that AGCCS is a public service, which means that it is your own responsibility to either mask all sensitive personal information which might be contained within the attachments or simply mark these as private during the submission phase. Once designated as private, your attachments will only be visible to you, the AskGamblers Complaint Team and the appointed casino representative handling your complaint.

Foul language

Using offensive language or any other form of activity which could be classified as verbal aggression is considered a severe violation of the AGCCS Terms and will lead to immediate rejection of your case, as well as a permanent ban on using any of the services offered by AskGamblers.


Make sure your complaint is written in a clear and understandable way. Your text must  meet minimal formatting and grammar rules (paragraphs, punctuation, etc). Intensive usage of Caps Lock is considered yelling online and, therefore, not allowed.

Pending casino investigation not over yet

Please keep in mind that you must wait until the relevant casino team is finished with the pending casino investigation referring to your issue before submitting an official complaint against the casino. Once the investigation is over, you will have been provided with information regarding what caused the issue. If you still believe your rights were somehow infringed, please feel free to use AGCCS /AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service/ again and submit a new complaint.

Using AGCCS in bad faith

Unfortunately, there is always a limited number of players out there unscrupulously trying to take advantage of any tool or means that could give them unfair leverage over the operator or, even worse, could put them in a position to blackmail or threaten the operator. Such activity is considered a severe violation of the AGCCS Terms and will lead to immediate rejection of your case, as well as a permanent ban on using any of the services offered by AskGamblers.

Balance played off while waiting to be paid/verified

While we could understand your frustration and disappointment of not being paid and/or verified within the time frame specified by the operator, please keep in mind that it is up to you to refrain from playing until the relevant verification procedure and/or processing of the payment is being finalized accordingly. If you keep playing and lose your balance subsequently, it means you will also lose the validity of any future claim and thus have your complaint rejected. In case you disagree with our decision, we strongly encourage you to seek further assistance from the relevant regulatory body which is the only authority legally empowered to review such matters, commit relevant investigation and force subsequent changes if any irregularities are found.

During the Process:

New complaints

The AskGamblers Complaint Team will usually review new complaints within 96 hours. However, most often it takes 48 hours or less for such an action. Should you face a situation where your new complaint hasn’t been reviewed after the 96-hour time frame, please don’t panic and don’t rush to submit a new complaint. The reason for your complaint not being reviewed in the 96-hour time frame is due to us being incredibly busy assisting dozens of other players in trouble. Rest assured we will get back to your case as soon as possible.

Response time frames

AGCCS is a turn-based service where each party involved in the complaint process has 96 hours to respond. Please make sure to stick to the allocated response time frames. Once it is your turn to answer, you have 96 hours to respond. We believe this is plenty of time for all parties involved in the complaint process. If for some reason you’ve missed your turn, do not submit a new complaint, but contact our support team and ask for their assistance instead.


Updates in a timely manner are a must. If your complaint has been completely or partially resolved during the complaint process, please make sure to update your case immediately either by posting a new message within the complaint or by contacting our support team. Throwing accusations against a casino, not respecting our time and efforts dealing with your complaint and never getting back to us with updates is a matter of bad manners and will not be tolerated.

Additional information

In certain situations our team might request additional information and/or proof regarding your ongoing complaint case. Should you fail to provide the requested information and evidence which the AskGamblers Complaint Team needed in order to conduct a serious and fair investigation of your issue, your complaint will be rejected. The AskGamblers Complaint Team maintains zero tolerance towards players who are not interested in providing the necessary level of cooperation.