Slots and Games Rings in the Holiday Season with Christmas Joy

Slots and Games Rings in the Holiday Season with Christmas Joy

These final weeks of 2011 are moving fast, and the holiday season is quickly approaching. Slots and Games has already started the festivities with its biggest game yet: a tinsel-clad scratch card called Christmas Joy. If a £2 million jackpot isn't the best Christmas present ever, we don't know what is! If you'd like to see how this immaculate prize can be yours, keep reading to learn about Christmas Joy's every detail.

Christmas Morning Every Day!

Christmas Joy

Nothing is more comforting than sitting around the tree Christmas morning with family, unwrapping presents and enjoying each other's company. Although Christmas Joy certainly can't truly capture the magic of the most wonderful time of the year, it presents it beautifully. When you load the game, it's clear that Father Christmas has already made his stop at your home. With a fire blazing and snow gently falling outside, what better time to see what he's left you?

Setting Up the Game

Christmas Joy

One thing is clear: this is no ordinary scratch game. Although Christmas Joy features the same simple rules and payout structure that scratch cards offer, the entire experience is much more interactive. In addition to the immersive and heartwarming surroundings, you can actually choose how much you'd like to gamble at once. Instead of raising the bet size, you can add more ornaments to the tree to increase your overall bet. Each ornament pair costs £2, and each ornament has an equal chance of hitting the big jackpot. Pick a bet size that works for you, then start the game!

Opening the Presents

The object of Christmas Joy is to get matching pairs of symbols on the ornaments on the tree. Each ornament is linked to a present below. Only those ornaments which you purchased in the initial phase of the game will be in play. To see if the two sides of an ornament match, click the Scratch icon on each side. After doing this, the corresponding present will open and reveal its cash amount (up to £2 million!) If both sides of the pair are identical, that prize will instantly be added to your bankroll.

Speed Up Your Play

Although half of this game's fun is its charming setting, sometimes you've just got to get a quick gambling fix. If you'd like to speed up the game, there are a few ways you can go about it. If you use the normal play method, you can press the Scratch All button instead of each individual ornament. Alternatively, you can completely automate the game using the Auto Play feature. Just choose how many games you'd like to play in a row, then press the right arrow to begin. If you need to stop playing, you can interrupt the Auto Play at any time.

Get Your Christmas Joy at Slots and Games

As far as we're concerned, Christmas Joy sets the bar for quality online gaming this holiday season. If you haven't already played at Slots and Games, make sure you take advantage of their £5 free sign-up bonus, then give this game a go. Then, make sure to head over to our forums and let us know how you liked it. Good luck and happy holidays!

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