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Showcase of Casino TV Ads

Showcase of Casino TV Ads

Online Casinos are becoming as normal as traveling to Las Vegas. Actually flying to Las Vegas to play casinos is getting a little old. Macau is a nice new casino destination but also so are online casinos. In the early 2000s if you said you played at any Online Gambling site people would question your mental health and ask you if it's real. Online casinos have never been more real these days and are starting to appear in tv commercials all over the world especially in europe, in the United Kingdom, in Australia, in Canada and the United States. Perhaps the more common commercials come from online poker but make no mistake internet casinos are big business too. Some tv ads might be dumb but at least these companies are producing better quality ads and they will certainly help add some legitimacy towards Online Casinos.

Party Casino TV Commercial

Party Casino is really one of the largest Online Casinos out there thanks to the popularity of their Party Poker site that put them on the gambling map. One big campaign for Party Casino Review was the rebrand of their casino site where their new slogan is 'Feel It'. This is probably one of the smartest and best casino tv commercials ever. Have a look:

Here is another Party Casino Review ad that showcases their exclusive slots for the Terminator, the Godfather slots and Rambo slots.

Intercasino TV commercials

InterCasino Review a few years ago spent millions on tv commercials. Unfortunately for this company it also was the same year they post multi millions in losses for the gaming company. Now the casino is cutting back but perhaps they still benefit from these ads which are somewhat themed around a midget actor.

Here's an advert for craps at InterCasino Review, short, whacky and entertaining.

Perhaps the cheesiest commercial was their James Bond themed commercial where the midget hops on a yacht and delivers a secret package which of course is probably an InterCasino Review CD and places it on the laptop with the punchline 'the name's casino, Intercasino'

Funny Golden Palace TV ad

I have never seen this commercial myself but in my research I stumbled upon it and although the start of it seems bad it ends funny but they are probably not targeting their customers in the best way. Rather than tell you about the advert I'll let you watch it for yourself to enjoy a good laugh.

Piggs Peak politically incorrect TV ad

I never saw this ad coming. The theme is 4 Queens beat a Straight at Piggs Peak. Just watch this yourself to see. It doesn't seem very professional but on youtube it is labeled the best casino ad ever.

Play William Hill Casino TV ad

Maybe not as funny or shocking as the other ads but William Hill Casino Review has this ad that seems to have appeared on UK tv. Out of all the casinos listed here we recommend Party Casino Review the most.

Intercasino "win a trip to space" TV ad

Only at InterCasino Review could you win a trip to space. This campaign is an old one but did generate a lot of hype in the newspapers.

Online casino tv commercials will only get popular as time goes on and the industry doubles in size. Casinos Online are here to stay and expect more tv commercials and of course some crazier ones to come along.

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