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Roxy Palace Releases Multi-Player Video Slots

Roxy Palace Releases Multi-Player Video Slots

Roxy Palace has always been one of the leading Microgaming Casinos online casinos. Now, they're paving the way to real innovation with two brand new video slot games. Whether you want to bathe in the massive Nile with Isis or embrace the hakunamatata philosophy of No Worries, there's something new to add to your slot experience: community. Yes, Roxy Palace is making these games with multi-player capabilities. If this idea sounds intriguing, read on to learn a bit more about these two games.

Isis Multi-Player

Isis has been a staple of the Microgaming platform for quite some time. Now, Roxy Palace is shaking up this video slot based on the Egyptian goddess with a brand new multi-player format. This stellar game from the land of the Sphinx brings new meaning to interactivity.

Like the standard game of Isis, players enjoy 40 paylines of action with various symbols cascading down the reels. What makes this version different is its bonus. When you get two scatters, you will be awarded a multiplier. If you get more throughout your session, your multiplier will increase.

In order to use these multipliers, you have to enter the game's bonus round. The communal nature of the game doesn't require it to be you, however. After any player gets an Eagle on the first and fifth reel, all players with at least the base multiplier will enter the bonus game. And don't think that the game is skimping on the payouts: 12 free spins at your multiplier is certainly nothing to scoff at.

If you want to experience Egyptian culture in the most groundbreaking way known to date, we think the Isis Multi-Player video slot will do the trick. In addition to playing a game filled with cultural icons, you and many others might find yourselves swimming in a river of cash.

No Worries Multi-Player

Presumably adapted from the hit Disney movie The Lion King, No Worries gives players the peace and serenity of the jungle without any of the deadly critters to ruin their fun. Now with multi-player capabilities, players can hopefully find the jungle's treasures together.

Unlike in The Lion King, No Worries takes place in the lush tropics of Australia. Instead of proud lions and cunning hyenas, players get to meet cuddly koalas and singing kookaburras. In lieu of a standard bonus feature, No Worries removes the stress of near-hits and relies on a completely random progressive jackpot feature. Once it's activated, a wheel will begin spinning and award a nice hunk of cash.

Additionally, players can win extra money from the game's wild symbol, which can yield a prize of up to 10,000 coins. To top it all off, you can win some more cash from the Boomerang symbol as you try for the big prizes. Get a couple and win a prize from 2 to 250 coins.


What makes these multi-player games particularly nice is the chatting feature. Most online casinos miss the important community aspect of going to a real casino. With the chat, you can converse with players throughout the world as you're playing these two brand new games. Talk about how well you're doing, gambling tales of the past, or even just the weather in your home town. With Isis and No Worries Multi-Player, you have the whole world to gamble with.

If you're ready to experience the next generation of online video slots, head on over to Roxy Palace today to get started.

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