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Roxy Palace: Online Casino Players Club

Roxy Palace: Online Casino Players Club

At Roxy Palace, you deserve the best, which is why you become a member of the PLAYERS CLUB the minute you start playing for Real Money.

You'll earn PLAYERS CLUB POINTS for every bet you place. These points can be redeemed into CASINO CASH at any time. Not only do we reward all our members, but we also provide BONUS points for top wagering members. This means that the more you play with us, the more points you will earn in return.

How does it work
Membership to the PLAYERS CLUB is FREE and is open to all players who play for Real Money You earn 1(one) point for every $10 wagered on any slots and keno and 1(one) point for every $25 wagered on video poker, table games or any other casino game (excluding craps). Points may be redeemed in units of 1,000 with each 1,000 points = $10.

There is no limit on the amount of points and casino cash that you can earn in a month. The PLAYERS CLUB is also much more than just a means of getting casino cash back. The points that you earn during the month will determine your PLAYERS CLUB STATUS and the exclusive promotional benefits you will qualify for. Click here for member benefits.

Member Status
When you first register with the Player club, you will have "Member Status". Once you start wagering, your status will change as you earn more points. A member status is calculated monthly and bonus points are not taken into account to calculate status.

Points required for each status: Platinum 7,500 + per month
Gold 2,500 - 7,499 per month
Silver 500 - 2,499 per month
Member 0 - 499 per month

If a player has not made the minimum deposit requirement as stated above, but has obtained the required points, the player will fall into the category below the stated category.

Bonus Points
As an additional benefit, we will give Gold and Platinum level members BONUS Points. These can be cashed in but will not contribute towards your status.

The benefits offered to Gold and Platinum members are as follows:

Gold 10% BONUS Points
Platinum 25% BONUS Points
Bonus points are calculated based on the number of player club points earned in a month.
For example, if a Gold level member earned 5,000 Points in one month, his BONUS Points for the month will be 500 points (i.e. 10%). Similarly, if a Platinum level member earned 10,000 Points in a month, the number of BONUS Points earned will be 2,500 points (i.e. 25%).Bonus points do not contribute to achieving level status.

Points Redemption
Points can be redeemed at any time by going to the Player Points manager and selecting the amount of points that you wish to redeem. These points can only be redeemed for casino cash and will be credited to your casino account automatically once you redeem them.

Points may be redeemed in units of 1,000. Each 1,000 points redeemed will give you $10 in casino cash. Should you have 1,500 points you may redeem 1,000 or $10 and the balance of 500 points will carry forward until you once again reach the level of at least 1,000 points. Should you have a balance of 5,200 points you may redeem all 5,000 points for $50 at one time and not necessarily in increments of 1,000 points.

Member Benefits
Members are entitled to different benefits depending on what status they have achieved. The following table outlines the benefits that we offer currently. New benefits are being added all the time, and you will be notified of additional benefits that apply to you.

Benefit Platinum (VIP) Gold Silver Member

Players Club Points

BONUS Points (25%)
BONUS Points (10%)
Regular Mailings with Special Offers
Birthday Bonus Offers
VIP E-Cash Services
Higher Bonus Offer (at each level)
3-month Milestone Bonus
6-month Milestone Bonus
12-month Milestone Bonus

Terms and Conditions
By registering with the Roxy Palace Players Club, a member agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Players Club Points and Bonus Points

Members will only earn points for play on their Roxy Palace casino account that is linked to their Players Club membership account.
For every $10.00 wagered on Slots and Keno, a member will earn 1 Players Club Point.
For every $25.00 wagered on Video Poker and table games or other casino game (excluding craps), a member will earn 1 Players Club Point.
Bonus Points will be earned by Gold members at a rate of 10% of Players Club points earned and by Platinum members at a rate of 25% of Players Club points earned.
Players Club Points and Bonus Points have the same financial value i.e. 1,000 points is equal to $10.00.
Points earned for wagering may only reflect 24 hours later.

Players Club points and Bonus points may be redeemed at any time in increments of 1,000 points i.e. $10.00. Those points not redeemed (i.e. less than 1,000 points) will remain in the members account and will be carried over until a minimum of 1,000 points has been earned. In order to redeem points a member must logon to the Players Club webpage, logon using his Players Club account number and password and follow the instructions to redeem points.

Should a member's casino account be inactive for a period exceeding 6 months then membership to the Players Club will lapse and all accrued unredeemed points will be lapse. Loyalty points which have been accrued and not redeemed for a period exceeding 6 months will lapse.
Member status

Upgrading and downgrading decisions regarding a member's status will be performed on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

The total number of Players Club Points earned in the previous month will be used to calculate a member's status. Bonus Points earned will not be included in this calculation.

To qualify for a certain player grade, a member needs to earn the following number of Points in the previous month:

Platinum 7,500 + per month
Gold 2,500 - 7,499 per month
Silver 500 - 2,499 per month
Member 0 - 499 per month

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