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Rival Casinos to Remove Their 3D Slots

Rival Casinos to Remove Their 3D Slots

Some unfortunate news has just emerged from the people behind the Rival casino platform. Their popular 3D video slot library will no longer be operating from October 28, 2011. As such, now is the time to enjoy these games. It's rare to find slots that offer the graphical sophistication that Rival's 3D games do, so take advantage of it while you still can.

What are the 3D games?

Rival made headlines when they began their line of 3D slots several months ago. The games use some of the most detailed graphics in the industry, and each one offers a distinctive theme. The selection of Rival 3D games that will soon be unavailable are the following:

Why is Rival dropping the 3D games?

This disheartening news comes on the backs of prolonged legal and corporate discussion. The 3D games that Rival has on their casinos are not actually developed by Rival themselves. Rather, they outsourced these games from Sheriff Gaming, a much lesser-known developer. As such, Sheriff Gaming continues to hold the rights to their 3D video slots.

Plenty of discussion between the two companies has gone on between the companies. Several months ago, a similar decision was reached that affected only US-friendly Rivals. In light of recent events, Rival has extended the removal of 3D video slots entirely. By the end of October, no Rival casino will offer any 3D games.

Will anyone pick these games back up?

Unfortunately, neither Rival management nor Sheriff Gaming staff have been specific in what the future holds. It is, however, at least possible that another software platform will be picking up these games in the future. It will be up to Sheriff Gaming to decide if and when that will happen. In the event that these 3D video slots are launched on another platform, we'll let you know.

Will Rival be replacing their 3D game line?

Rival has not made any official comment on whether they will be replacing their 3D video slot suite with new games. It is certainly possible. If Rival does decide to re-implement 3D games, they will definitely not be these games from Sheriff Gaming. However, the 3D slot market is growing rapidly: Rival should not have a hard time finding another developer to make the games if they should decide to do so.

Does this mean other slots or games will be affected?

Absolutely not. The other games offered by Rival are not outsourced; Rival has exclusive rights to them. As such, there is no reason to believe that they will be removing them from their casinos. It's much more likely that they will continue developing new standard video slots to accommodate for the loss of the 3D games.

Enjoy while you can!

The only thing we can say is that you should give these 3D games a spin while you still can. Although online video slots are becoming better and better each day, very few games have reached the level of awesomeness that Rival's 3D slots have. We can only hope that Rival will replace them with games that are just as good.