Revenuejet Casinos Back Online

Revenuejet Casinos Back Online

Good news for players at ClassyCoin, Loco Panda, Onbling, and Grand Parker casinos. The recent server upgrades are now complete, and all of the casinos are now fully operational. If you had funds on your account or want to make a deposit, you should now be able to log in and play without any difficulty.

What caused the outages?

At this time we still do not have specific information about why the Revenuejet casinos were down. The casinos state that they have been conducting a server upgrade that has taken longer than initially expected. The exact cause of the delay is unknown. However, the upgrade means that players should see a smoother interface with fewer lags and disconnections.

Can I log in and play now?

Yes. ClassyCoin, Loco Panda, Onbling, and Grand Parker casinos are now fully operational once again in both fun and real mode. If you would like to play, just log into your account and make a deposit. You can also withdraw any funds you have sitting in your account through any of the methods available to you.

I still have a pending payout. Can you help me get it?

Yes. We are working with players at ClassyCoin, Loco Panda, Onbling, and Grand Parker casinos with pending withdrawals who were affected by the server outage. If you are still waiting for your withdrawal to get processed, you can use our free complaints service to expedite the process. Now that you can log in, please be sure to provide us the exact dates of your transactions as you fill out the form. Also make sure to check back on your case regularly to provide information and feedback as it is requested.

Is there any risk of this happening again in the future?

We can't be certain, but this is the first time in our experience that a technical difficulty has taken this long. This kind of service outage is incredibly rare. While most online casinos face some outages that last a few hours every now and then, they usually resolve the problem within a day. We can only conclude that the Revenuejet group was not expecting the upgrade to take this long. With the new system in place, downtimes should be less frequent and the experience should be smoother overall.

Players should always be careful with their money when playing online. We encourage you to withdraw money when you have hit your win target and get it in your bank account or a reliable, well-known e-wallet. This way, your money will never be put on hold when these technical issues occur.

Where can I talk to people about this?

We've got a thread in our forum dedicated to this issue right now. If you would like to talk about your experience with this outage, you can contribute to the conversation by going to the "Grand Parker/Loco Panda/­OnB­lin­g/C­las­syCoin" thread in the "Online Casinos and Games" section of our forum. Registration is free and only takes a minute of your time.

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