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Raffle Jackpots Now at bwin Casino

Raffle Jackpots Now at bwin Casino

bwin Casino is offering players a brand new way to win big through its Raffle Jackpots promotion. By participating, you can win thousands of euros regardless of how nicely the slots are treating you. Each ticket just requires one cent (in US dollars) in wagers. All of the most important details are available below. The next drawing is on 1 August, so get playing today to have the best chance of winning.

How do I enter bwin Casino's Raffle Jackpots promotion?

You don't have to do anything special to participate. All bonus-eligible bwin Casino players automatically qualify. The only thing you must do is download the full bwin Casino casino software and register your account if you have not done so already. Use our exclusive link to be eligible for any AskGamblers promotions that may be offered in the future.

How does Raffle Jackpots work?

Between live drawings, players at bwin Casino have the opportunity to accumulate raffle tickets. These are earned only by playing slots listed under the "Raffle Jackpot" section in the lobby. Then, on the next drawing date, bwin Casino pools all tickets together and randomly draws 10. The holders of these tickets win one of 10 progressive jackpot prizes.

How much do I need to play to get tickets?

bwin Casino wants to get everyone in on the fun, so you'll automatically get 1 ticket of every USD$0.01 wagered on Raffle Jackpot slots. If you play in a currency other than USD, refer to the current exchange rate to convert this wagering requirement.

Of course, your odds of winning with just a few tickets are very low. The more you play, the better your chances of winning one of the 10 Raffle Jackpots will be. If you're serious about becoming a winner, we recommend depositing amounts you are comfortable with, choosing a conservative bet size, and playing only slots listed under the Raffle Jackpot section in the bwin Casino lobby. This will maximize the number of tickets you accumulate with each deposit.

What prizes are available?

The Raffle Jackpots are progressive. The more people play on Raffle Jackpot slots, the bigger the potential prizes will be. The current value of all 10 jackpots can be found by going to the bwin Casino website, visiting the "Promotions & News" section, and clicking on the "Raffle Jackpots" promotion. Currently, the total prize pool for the 1 August 2013 drawing is over €12,000.

How do I see if I've won?

If you're online during the drawing at 10:00:00 AM on the drawing date, you can simply watch to see if your ticket is drawn. If you miss the drawing, you can look at your "Game Logs" in the download casino instead. Winners will see an entry for their Raffle Jackpots prize in their logs.

After this upcoming drawing, when will the next Raffle Jackpots drawing be?

bwin Casino will post the date and time of the next Raffle Jackpots drawing shortly after the upcoming 1 August drawing. The information should be posted on the "Promotions & News" section of the website. Tickets you earned for this period do not carry over, so you will need to play Raffle Jackpot slots again after the upcoming drawing in order to have a chance to win in the next one.

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