Race to a VW Beetle at SlotsAndGames

Race to a VW Beetle at SlotsAndGames

Cash bonuses are good, but it's promotions that give players something unusual that really make the headlines. SlotsAndGames is doing just that with their year-end Race to the Finish, where one lucky player will be driving off with a brand new VW Beetle! The competition is fierce, but if you start going for it now, you'll have a definite edge. Best of all, you don't even need to be a high-roller. If you have what it takes to win this sporty car, head on over to SlotsAndGames and keep reading for the details.

How to Enter the VW Beetle Contest

We made it a point to publish this information as quickly as possible; we want one of you to win the VW beetle from SlotsAndGames. The contest has, in fact, just started. It is running from 24 Ocotber all the way through 31 November. We strongly recommend starting now rather than later for reasons we explain below. Before we get into specifics, start by following these steps to enter the Race to the Finish:

  • Visit SlotsAndGames.
  • Click the big Play Now button.
  • Hit Real Money Play.
  • If you don't already have an account, use the gold New Player Click Here button to register.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • Go to the cashier and choose a deposit method that works for you.
  • Make a deposit of at least €20 and start playing any of SlotsAndGames' slots or games.

And that's all! No need to enter any bonus codes or contact support. With that single deposit of at least €20, you are automatically entered into the Race to the Finish promo.

How to Improve Your Chances

Although you only need to deposit €20 to have a chance at winning the VW Beetle, you can actually increase your odds. This is because SlotsAndGames is using a drawing system. Your first €20 deposit counts as one entry into this drawing. In order to earn more entries, you simply have to make more deposits of at least €20.

The Prize

On 2 December, SlotsAndGames will take all entries and randomly shuffle them, then select one person as the winner. If you're the chosen one, SlotsAndGames will contact you immediately so you can get your new VW Beetle quickly. Since models vary around the world, they will ensure you get the one available in your country.

If you would prefer cold, hard cash, you may also opt for a prize of €­/£/­$20,000 (based on whichever currency was used to make your deposits).

Get Started Soon!

Whether you like to bet small or go big, starting soon is the key to success in the Race to the Finish at SlotsAndGames. Spread your deposits out and start racking up those entries now to have the best shot at winning the brand new VW Beetle!

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