Play the Market with Bulls and Bears at Desert Nights Casino

Play the Market with Bulls and Bears at Desert Nights Casino

The international stock market has caused a lot of anguish in recent years to investors around the world, but Desert Nights Casino has just debuted a new video slot that hopes to inject a little fun into the world of finance. It's called Bulls and Bears, and like all Real Time Gaming slots, it contains exciting features and unique graphics to keep you playing. But before you try your hand at this unpredictable game, read on to find out what opportunities there are for you to win.

Basic Structure

Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears uses the 5-reel layout that is common of all RTG video slots, so you don't have to worry about learning a complicated set of rules just to start playing. The game uses a total of 25 paylines that run left-to-right along these five reels. The object of the base game is to get at least 3 consecutive matching symbols, starting from the leftmost reel, along one or more paylines. Wild Bulls and Bears help make this easier.

To accommodate all types of players, Bulls and Bears allows you to adjust your bet to fit your playing style. Begin by choosing the amount you would like to wager each line, then feel free to reduce the number of active paylines if you would like. Please note that a mandatory Feature Guarantee bet will be added to your overall wager. We will describe this in detail below.

Wild Multipliers

The Wild Bull appears on the second reel; the Wild Bear appears on the fourth reel. If one of them substitutes for a winning payline, they will multiply the win by x2. If you can get both the Bull and the Bear to substitute for a winning payline, this will double to an impressive x4.

Buy-or-Sell Free Spins Feature

The main feature of Bulls and Bears is its Buy-or-Sell Free Spins bonus. In order to trigger it, you'll need to get three or more consecutive Charts starting from the leftmost reel. Unlike the case is with most other video slots, Wild Bulls and Wild Bears will substitute for Charts. They will even boost the scatter pay you get with their typical x2 or x4 multiplier as described above.

Once the feature is activated, you'll receive either 5, 7, or 15 free spins for 3, 4, or 5 Charts, respectively. But before the spins begin, you need to make a game-changing decision: Do you think it's going to be a Bull market or a Bear market? The wild symbol you choose, if it appears, will give you one additional free spin. Since every win you get during the bonus round is boosted with a x3 multiplier, every spin counts!

Feature Guarantee

The stock market offers no guarantees, but Bulls and Bears does. The mandatory Feature Guarantee bet will increase the Feature Guarantee counter with each spin. If you do not trigger the feature within 100 consecutive spins, the Feature Guarantee will initiate it for you.

After each spin, the counter on the top-right will increase. Although it does not reach 100% until after 100 spins, you can press your luck and attempt to initiate the feature through Feature Guarantee at any time. When you press the "Play" button on the top-right, a wheel will appear on your screen. The higher a percentage you have, the more green slots will appear on this red wheel. If the spinner lands on a green slot, the feature will begin.

Please note that this Feature Guarantee will reset if you change your bet or number of active paylines. For this reason, you should strongly consider waiting until you hit the feature before you adjust your wager.

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