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Play in the CasinoEuro Winter Games and Win €100,000

Play in the CasinoEuro Winter Games and Win €100,000

CasinoEuro is giving players the chance to participate in their own version of the Olympic Games this February. Between now and the 24th of February, you can compete against other players in CasinoEuro's virtual Ice Hockey Predictor, Biathlon, and Ski Jumping Game every day for your chance at cash bonuses. Then, when the CasinoEuro Olympics end on 24 February, one lucky player will win €100,000 cash! There's still plenty of time to win, so march into the CasinoEuro Winter Stadium and start playing today.

Playing the CasinoEuro Winter Games

CasinoEuro - Winter Games

All players at CasinoEuro are welcome to enter the Winter Stadium and compete for a shot at €100,000 in cash, as well as numerous other cash bonuses. Your goal during the promotion is to accumulate tickets. Once the contest ends on 24th February, CasinoEuro will draw one ticket randomly. The holder of the ticket will be declared the winner of the €100,000 cash prize!

Each day you log into CasinoEuro, you will automatically receive 2 tickets into the entry. You can earn more tickets by competing in three different games to earn tickets: the Biathlon, the Ski Jumping Game, and the Ice Hockey Predictor. The top performers in each game every day will also earn some cash bonuses.

The Biathlon

In the Biathlon, you will be skiing cross-country to 5 different shooting ranges. Time is of the essence, and the timer starts as soon as you begin the game. Hold down the left mouse button to increase your skiing speed, but watch your stamina. If it runs out, you will have to stop and catch your breath. Also, low stamina will hinder your accuracy in the shooting ranges.

At the shooting range, you will need to try and hit all 5 targets before the time runs out at the station. Every target you hit will add 10% to a daily reload bonus that you can claim worth up to €50. Hit all the targets at booth shooting range stations to win the maximum reload bonus of 100% up to €50.

All participants will receive one additional ticket into the €100,000 drawing. Then, at the end of the day, the top 10 players will receive a share of €1,500 in cash bonuses, along with several extra tickets. See the leaderboard for full details.

The Ski Jumping Game

Your next chance to win is in the thrilling Ski Jumping Game. To start racing down the hill, hit the spacebar. When you are about to go over the ramp, hit spacebar again to make your jump. Then, use the arrow keys to shift your body weight, and finally hit the spacebar one more time to make your landing. Timing is key - if you don't hit the spacebar at the right moment, you could fall flat on your behind!

Your score is based solely on your total distance at the time of landing. If you make it in the top 10 for the day, you'll win your share of €1,500 in cash bonuses, along with several extra tickets. If you don't have such a good day on the slopes, you'll still get one ticket for the drawing.

The Hockey Predictor

You don't need lightning fast reflexes or perfect aim to win in the Hockey Predictor. Simply choose which nation's ice hockey team will fare best in the day's Olympic matches. You'll receive 2% in cashback for every goal your team makes during the day, up to a maximum of 20% up to €200. If you have a daily net loss, you will receive the cashback bonus you earned by 15:00 CET on the following day! You will also receive 1 more ticket into the €100,000 drawing, regardless of how well your chosen country performs.

Start Competing Today

You don't need to be a pro athlete to win big at the CasinoEuro Winter Games. Just log into your account every day and see how well you can do in these three Olympic contests. You could earn some bonuses along the way, and who knows? You might end up being the lucky winner of €100,000!

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