People Supporting Online Casinos in Canada Favor Online Sports Betting

People Supporting Online Casinos in Canada Favor Online Sports Betting

A provision that will allow players to gamble on single sports games would give Casino du Lac-Leamy an advantage over competitors from America that are partly blamed for stagnating revenues at the casino based in Ontario. The local government is urging the Central government to re-check the rules that govern sports betting in a manner that will help the states Casino's based in Windsor and Niagara Falls. The rules governing these casino prohibit them from accepting bets on the result of a single sports match.

The idea to re-check the rules has found favor among the provincial officials and the MP representing the areas where the Casino du Lac-Leamy is located. The casino is hoping that the introduction of several new games in the coming years will help attract new and younger clients. It has recently added to its roster of games an electronic Texas Hold 'em, which was a major factor behind a $6.9-million increase in revenue last year.

The communications director for the Club UK Casino, Catherine Schellenberg said, "For a few months after the Casino Games was introduced, there was lots of excitement and curiosity about the game. This resulted in a lot more new clients." She added, "The 120 new positions that were taken up after the game was introduced were all by new players."

She went on to say that, "No new game can be introduced in a Online Casino unless we get the required permission from the state government. A state review of the process will lead to faster addition of both land casino and online casino games.

While the casino is trying to refocus its marketing efforts on providing players good customer service, data shows that there has been a drop in visors in the last year. Added to that is the increasing competition it faces from casinos based in the North from larger casinos based in Windsor, Niagara Falls, Connecticut and New York State.

With American laws not allowing sports book betting outside of Las Vegas, allowing gamblers at Canadian casinos to bet on the outcome of individual hockey, football, baseball and other games would give gaming houses north of the border, including Casino du Lac Leamy, a huge boost.

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