Paddy Power Casino Signup Bonus

Paddy Power Casino Signup Bonus

There's never been a better time to join Paddyp­owe­rca­sin­ Open an account today and you can choose the amount you earn in free chips.

We have a Signup bonus to reward players of every level and all budgets.

Deposit (£/) Receive (£/) Percent
15.00 15.00 100%
25.00 25.00 100%
50.00 50.00 100%
75.00 75.00 100%

Bonuses will be rewarded in the same currency as selected in a players account (players depositing and staking in pounds sterling will receive their bonus in pounds sterling, while players choosing to deposit and stake in Euros will receive their bonuses in Euros).

Sign Up Bonus Terms & Conditions
This offer is open to all players who sign up to and are residents of those jurisdictions where participation in is accepted (Accepted jurisdictions)
Offer applies to all those over 18 years of age.
Bonus will be released based on initial deposit (within 48 hours).
Once a bonus has been released to a players account an additional staking requirement must be met in order to convert the bonus into playable cash (see table below)

Deposit Receive Staking Required to convert Bonus to Playable Cash (?) Bonus to Cash Threshold (?)
15 15 x25 100%
25 25 x25 100%
50 50 x25 100%
75 75 x25 100%

The number of times you must stake the bonus value (once released) in order to make the bonus playable.
The bonus threshold is the amount of the staking requirements a player must reach to receive the bonus. A bonus with a threshold of 50% will deliver 50% of the bonus once 50% of the staking requirements have been met. A bonus with a 100% threshold will give 100% of the bonus only once 100% of the staking requirements have been met.
Stakes on Baccarat, all Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Multiplier will not contribute towards the staking requirements to convert this bonus to payable cash.

Bonuses will only be made playable once staking requirements have been met (Playable). Within 48 hours.
Players are only permitted to receive one Signup bonus on or any / all Casinos owed and / OR operated by Paddy Power Plc, Paddy Power Alderney, Paddy Power Isle of Man or any and all subsidiaries. Players may only receive one Signup bonus regardless of tier and / or deposit level (Eg. If a player deposits /£ 15 and receives /£15 regardless of the value of subsequent deposits made no additional Signup bonus will be awarded

All bonuses awarded by have a 30 day expiration period (from date of grant). Bonuses which are not converted to cash within this time will be removed from a players account.
This offer is available once per individual only.

Multiple accounts per individual are not permitted.

Bonuses will be forfeited if players are found to have more than one account.

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