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Gaming VC Corporation Limited is an online company that owns and operates a number of online gaming websites. These include both casino and sportsbook websites. Unlike many other online casino management groups, Gaming VC Corporation Limited has a highly diverse selection of games for players. Some of their casinos use GTECH G2 games, while others use other platforms like NetEnt and Microgaming. Additionally, licensing jurisdictions vary among the group's properties. Regulations prohibit Gaming VC Corporation Limited casinos from accepting US players.

Type of Casinos

Each casino owned by Gaming VC Corporation Limited is distinct from the others. Very little is similar among each casino other than the same standards of quality. Each casino has its own game platform – one uses GTECH G2, another uses a combination of NetEnt, Microgaming, and live games. This is great for players who want to experience a wide selection of games without having to leave the group.

Because of the great differences between Gaming VC Corporation Limited properties, it makes sense that support and cashier functions are not shared. Each casino has its own employees who are responsible for assisting players and conducting financial transactions. While Gaming VC Corporation Limited employees do oversee these operations, each casino is given plenty of freedom in setting up its support and cashier systems.

Typical Bonuses

There simply are no “typical” bonuses throughout the Gaming VC Corporation Limited group. Each casino is entirely in charge of its own promotional scheme. However, each casino tends to offer a wide range of bonuses that accommodate all types of players, both new and existing. These include match bonus offers, opportunities to win free spins, and wagering races, among other seasonal offers. Terms and conditions do vary widely among bonuses, so it's important for players to not assume that rules for a particular bonus are the same as they are for another.

Some Gaming VC Corporation Limited casinos also offer tournaments to their players. These generally require a buy-in, although some freerolls do occur.

Affiliate Program

Each casino within the Gaming VC Corporation Limited group has its own affiliate program. While these do differ from each other, the basic premise is the same. Third-party advertisers are paid cash commissions for referring players to any of the program's brands. Each program offers a progressive commission scheme, where highest-earning affiliates earn the largest percentage of the total monthly revenue share brought in by their players.

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