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Casinos Accepting QIWI Payment Method

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QIWI is a payment service provider based in Russia that offers a variety of options for sending money to online businesses. For online casino players, QIWI is most well-known for their virtual Visa cards. If you are a Russian player who is interested in using QIWI to deposit into an online casino, read on to find out how it works. QIWI is currently accepted at almost a dozen of our listed online casinos.

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Obtaining a QIWI Virtual Visa Card

In order to get a QIWI card, you must visit one of the thousands of kiosks in Russia that offer QIWI services. Here you can sign up for a virtual card by just providing a few details. After you have furnished the necessary information, you will receive a text with your card number and other important information. Then simply choose how much you want to put on the card. (At this time there is a limit of 300 rubles per transaction.) Once completed, you're ready to load your card and use it to deposit at any QIWI-supported online casino.

Depositing with QIWI

To use your QIWI card to deposit at an online casino, first check to make sure QIWI is available in the cashier. If it is, log in with your username and password and select “QIWI” from the list of available options. Then enter your card information and the amount you would like to put into your casino account. The funds should be available for play immediately.

Advantages of QIWI

One of the biggest advantages of QIWI is its level of convenience for Russian players, who are often left with some of the more complex deposit methods when playing at online casinos. Depositing is as easy as using a conventional credit card. Players simply enter the information provided to them via SMS when depositing, and the transaction clears instantly.

QIWI is also more secure than most deposit methods. Since players are in complete control of the amount of money on their virtual Visa card, they do not have to worry about being defrauded large sums of cash. And in the unlikely event that the card information is compromised, a player can simply use a different card for future deposits.

Disadvantages of QIWI

One of the downisdes to using a QIWI virtual Visa card is the fact that it is not set up for withdrawals. If you intend to use QIWI to deposit, you should contact the casino's support team to discuss how you will cash out your money in the event that you win.

Additionally, QIWI is of limited availability and is generally only available to Russian players. If you do not live in Russia, you will likely need to find another method of depositing. There are similar prepaid Visa options for players in virtually every jurisdiction, although most of them do not offer the convenience of a virtual card that QIWI does.