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Online Casinos Slovakia

Although a small country, Slovakia’s been keeping up with the world’s trends in terms of everything, online gambling included. Every day, there are more and more online casinos popping up, and Slovakia is doing its best to mind all laws and regulations. Believe it or not, some of the top-rated Slovakian online casinos are pride holders of prominent online gambling licences such as the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, or Alderney.

When it comes to choosing the best online casino Slovakia, look for casinos that are fully regulated. With an extensive offer of online casino SK platforms, it’s easy to omit to check for regulations, but – with our help, you’ll know better. We’ve put together a list of the best Slovakian online casinos to help you play at reliable and trustworthy online gambling environments.

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Online Gambling in Slovakia

Hoping to play at an online casino Slovakia but unsure of general gambling rules and regulations in the country? That’s fine! You’ll get the information you are looking for in the paragraphs below. We’re talking about joining online casino SK scene, ways to stay safe playing and things to pay attention to before you place your bets. Read on!

Is Gambling at Online Casino Slovakia Legal?

Virtually all forms of gambling in Slovakia have been legalised since 1992. The Ministry of Finance (Ministerstvo financií Slovenskej Republiky) controls all land-based and online casinos. Further, the Ministry of Finance holds a list of all gambling institutions and issues licenses that regulate all gambling activities. 

The state had a rule where all operators were to pay a mandatory income tax of the profits from the gambling entertainment. At the time of writing, the state-required 19% of the profits. The Law on gambling (№171/2005)) holds all legal frameworks for regulation and control of gambling business.

Which Operators Are There in Slovakia?

Presently, Slovakia has four main operators:

  • Casinos Slovakia
  • CBG (Admiral Casino)
  • Banco Casino 
  • Olympic Casino Slovakia

The territory of the state covers all lotteries and bookmakers. Slots are very popular form of entertainment in Slovakia, with slot machines populating major bars, cafes, shops, and pubs. The monopolization of gambling in Slovakia is not even an option. 

Is Online Gambling in Slovakia Regulated?

Online gambling in Slovakia is officially regulated and formally legal. The Ministry of Finance regulates all gambling websites and platforms. At the time of writing and based on recent market scanning, some slot games in Slovakia are played more than others, such as Mega Moolah by Microgaming, Starburst by NetEnt, Book of Ra by Novomatic, Sizzling Hot Deluxe by Novomatic and Mega Joker by NetEnt. 

Gambling Legislation: Games Allowed in Slovakia

Based on the Slovakian Law on gambling (№171/2005), the following types of gambling are allowed in the country: 

  • Lotteries
  • Casino games
  • Betting
  • Slot machines
  • Video terminals for lotteries
  • Online gambling games
  • Casino card games
  • Charity lotteries

The Law on gambling regulates conditions for gambling and their promotion. Furthermore, all rights and duties of both operators and players are also regulated under the Law and are to be respected at all occasions. Other segments of gambling regulated by the Law are as follows:

  • Conditions for the use of technical gambling equipment 
  • Particular conditions of the National Lottery Company 
  • Competence of public authorities and municipalities 
  • State supervision of the organization 
  • State supervision of gambling conduct and its promotion

The legal age for gambling in Slovakia is eighteen. All online operators are obliged to request identity documents and take other relevant measures to establish whether or not a person is allowed to play at an online or land-based casino. The maximum amount of the deposit on slot machines is also established by the law, suggesting no larger amount than 1,000 Slovak korunas (10 EUR) is allowed.

Changes in the Slovak Gambling Sector

The President of Slovakia, Andrej Kiska, signed changes to the Law on Gambling in January 2017, and they have been in motion ever since. The new legislation states that there will be registers of:

  • People with diagnosed gambling addiction
  • People who receive the state’s social assistance

The purpose of these registers is to prohibit registered gamblers and people utilizing social assistance to play in casinos and other gambling platforms. Additionally, the new legislation also made it possible for certain cities and villages to ban gambling completely. The threshold for voters in villages was 30%, while for the cities 15%, for the ban to be set in motion.

Regulators of the Slovak Gambling Industry

The Ministry of Finance controls, licences, and taxes all gambling-related instances. Members of the Ministry of Finance are authorized to introduce new gambling laws as well as approve changes in the legislation. Further, the field of gambling has the following regulatory authorities:

  • The financial directorate of the Slovak Republic 
  • Tax inspection 
  • Customs authorities

Each of the named regulatory authorities have their own set of responsibilities, ensuring gambling in Slovakia is handled and conducted within the law on gambling and other generally accepted legal rules and conditions. 

Gambling Licenses in Slovakia

There are two types of gambling licences in Slovakia:

  • General
  • Individual 

What do individual gambling licenses include? They are intended for activities such as casino games, lottery, betting, online games in casinos, lottery video terminals, slot machines, the state lottery, and charity lottery. Only legal entities registered in the state are allowed to obtain licences. 

The application for a license must contain very detailed documentation, everything from basic information such as the name, address of the enterprise and amount of the authorised capital to documentation proving the legal origin of the share capital, a financial plan for conducting the operation and documents confirming the integrity of the applicant. 

When it comes to the validity of individual licences, each of the games has a different year-validity. For instance, while instant lotteries will hold a two-year licence, bingo and betting will have one last for five years. The five-year licence goes for charity lottery, as well. Slot machines have licences that last for one calendar year while gambling games are licenced for two years, same as games in casinos. 

Development of the Gambling Market in Slovakia

Gambling in Slovakia is under a fairly liberal policy that’s proven to be very beneficial for the entire country. Since the majority of residents are interested in gambling games, the authorities decided it’s best the casino industry gets regulated than banned/prohibited. The only ban related to the gambling in Slovakia is one prohibiting the rise of illegal gambling institutions. 

Legalising gambling in Slovakia has brought the country pretty good incomes through tax deductions. However, in 2016 most citizens voted for a total ban on gambling on the territory of the Slovak Republic but without fruition so far. Presently, the authorities are more focused on fighting problem gambling and unlicensed online casinos than banning gambling altogether. 

Online Casino Slovakia Fun Awaits!

If you’ve been considering placing a bet at an online Slovakian casino, you are in the right place! Check out the list of casinos we’ve put together for you and everyone interested in playing at regulated, tested, and, above everything, legal casinos Slovakia. Good luck!

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