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Online Slots UK

If you are interested in playing the best UK slots then you have come to the right page. We have managed to source the best UK casino slots in the industry for your pure entertainment, so look no further! This page will allow you to look at a massive variety of games, all in one place. Then when you’re ready to play in real mode, you’ll be able to find these UK slots at hundreds of our online casinos. 

We have narrowed down your search so that you’ll only be able to play games on this page that are eligible for players from the United Kingdom and you can forget about those pesky restrictions. 

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All You Need to Know About Online Slots in the UK 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie, online slots can be fun to say the least. They can come in all shapes and sizes but share one common rule and that is to match symbols on the reels in order to make winning combinations. 

We have a massive database of online slots UK for you to choose from and learn the ropes if you need to. Most of these slots will be spread across a number of reels and rows which will vary from game to game and are then made up of different symbols. 

Each slot will have paylines and you will need to match the symbols in these paylines in order to create a winning combination in accordance with the game’s paytable. This page displays the best online slots UK to choose from so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere. You’ll notice that each game has its own theme, so there should be something here to suit every kind of player. 

Most of these slots will also be made up of special features that can increase your chances of winning which could include anything from a bonus game to Free Spins. There will also be special symbols such as a Wild Symbol which usually represents any other symbol to make up a winning combination. Our list of UK free slots will all be different so it is important to note that you should check the paytable of every game you play as you’ll never find two games the same.

Some slots will also feature jackpot and progressive jackpot payouts which we will discuss in more detail, further down the page.

The newer generation of slots include Megaways which can be more confusing than the traditional video slots and can take more time to get used to which is why we only reiterate how important it is to understand the rule of any game before you try it. 

To add to this further, some games will feature a Bonus Buy, but due to regulations that were implemented by the UK Gambling Commission in 2019 this feature will not be available to players from the United Kingdom. Players will not be able to use this feature on any UK slots sites. UK players should also note that at the time of writing you will not be able to try these games in demo mode (more information can be found below). 

Reviews of the Best Online Slots in the UK

Don’t worry if our extensive list of free slots UK looks a bit daunting because each game comes with a detailed review, for your convenience. Every slot you open will feature a game review which will tell you about the game’s theme, how you place a bet and what features are involved in the game. 

However, what may be even more valuable to you is our large database of real player reviews. Our list of online UK slots all allow you to write your very own review which will then be published on our site for other players to read. 

These reviews are written by real people, with real experiences and can prove invaluable towards your future success. Furthermore, you will be able to see star ratings by real players and the games will be ranked and sorted based on these reviews. 

Don't worry if you come across a game that doesn’t have a player review yet because there could be a number of reasons for this. It may be that the game has only just been launched on AskGamblers and no one has had a chance to review it yet. Or, it could be the complete opposite and the game is a very old game, but either way it is nothing to worry about and you should remember that whether or not you’ll enjoy the game is entirely down to your personal choices. 

Under the game reviews, you will also be able to see if there have been any winning screenshots uploaded. Again these are real screenshots from real people who have won when playing the game. 

Different Types of Online Slot Games in the UK 

In the UK you will come across all forms of video slots from the oldest and most classic to the newest and the most popular. They will be divided into the following categories (with some variations):

  • Video slots
  • Progressive slots
  • Classic Slot
  • 3D slots
  • Mobile Slots 

Video Slots in the UK 

Undoubtedly, the most common form of slot you will find in any online casinos is a video slot. This is often referred to as a typical 5 reel and 3 row video slots but can also come in other variations. In fact, nowadays a video slot can come in all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days where a video slot only has 15-25 paylines because now there are Megaways which have thousands of paylines to increase your chances of winning. 

As we explained above these video slots will come with symbols that you have to match to make winning combinations. Some games will have special features whilst you may notice that some games will be more basic. 

Betting limits will vary depending on the game you are playing. It is standard for a game to allow you to place a minimum bet of 0.01 per payline but don’t be surprised if some games require a bigger minimum bet. Maximum bets will also apply for UK players. 

We’ve touched on the Bonus Buy feature and you should remember that at the time of writing you will not be able to use this feature if you are playing from the UK. 

Progressive Slots in the UK

This is where it really starts getting exciting! A progressive slot will give you a considerably larger amount to win thanks to their huge jackpot amounts which are usually up for grabs. And when we say huge, we mean huge!

Some progressive slots have the potential to make you a multimillionaire from a single spin. Progressive slots are a network of slots where the jackpot increases the more the games are played in different casinos. 

Winning a progressive jackpot can occur in a number of ways, the most common way in recent times is - randomly. This means you could win the game’s jackpot during any spin, it’s all just down to luck. You should also note that some games will offer multiple jackpots starting at a small amount right through to the life-changing amounts. 

Classic Slots in the UK

These games are more traditional than the video slot and the reason why is because a lot of them are much older. Video slots evolved from classic slots; however, providers are still releasing classic slots today. 

They usually look a bit different from the average video slots as they usually have fewer reels. A common set of reels for a classic slot is 3 however providers making modern-day classic slots are also making them over 5 reels to look just like the video slot. 

Another major difference between the classic and video slot is features. Video slots are often feature-packed whereas classic slots will usually have very little or more commonly no features at all. This means you will rely entirely on base game spins to form your winning combinations. Paylines are usually lower than video slots too. Don’t let this fool you though because some classic slots still hold some serious potential! 

3D Slots in the UK

These are very similar to video slots; only the clue is in the name. They are games created by certain providers that give a more 3D effect. So, instead of the traditional 2-dimensional graphics, games will look like they are in a 3D format with more insane graphics for your entertainment. 

In regards to gameplay, features and symbols these still have the same concept as the video slots we mentioned earlier. 

Mobile Slots in the UK 

Mobile gaming in the UK is becoming more and more popular every single day which is why almost every slot can now be enjoyed in mobile casinos across the country. These can be enjoyed on devices like smartphones and tablets using iOS, Android and other platforms. 

Mobile slots UK can provide even more convenience especially for players who are always on the move. Almost every casino will now have some form of mobile casino. This may either be through an app or directly through a compatible mobile browser eliminating the need for players to download an app. 

The games are exactly the same as the web version game. The only difference will be the screen size and this will depend entirely on what device you are using. Some games may require you to play in landscape mode only whilst other games will allow portrait mode too. 

Fun Mode vs. Real Mode in the UK 

Slots can come in two different modes, which is fun play and real play. The difference between these two is that one lets you try the game without having to deposit, just for fun, which means you can’t actually win anything and the real mode is when you make a deposit to win real cash back. 

The perks of trying a game in fun mode is that you get a better understanding of how the game works, how the features work and it can give you a good idea as to whether or not you think you want to try the game with real money. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, players from the UK will not be able to try games in fun mode at any UK Casino due to changes in the law that were implemented in 2019 by the UK Gambling Commission. You will also not be able to try any of the games on this page in fun mode.

However, don’t be too disheartened because it just means that our reviews and the real players' reviews are even more important to you as they can help you decide whether or not you should play that game with real money or find a different one that may be better suited for you and your gambling budget. 

No Registration and No Download Slots in the UK 

Years ago you'd have to download a casino to your desktop in order to try their games but thanks to modern technology you don’t need to do this anymore and you won't require any additional software to play slots. 

All you will need is a web browser, Flash Player, and an internet connection! Some casinos don’t even require you to register an account anymore. Just deposit and play. 

The reason why you don’t need to download slots anymore is because of flash-based slots. As long as you have flash installed in your browser you will gain instant access to every game. Some casinos will allow you to test the games first in real mode; however, in the UK you will need to register an account before you can try a game and you will not be able to test the games in demo mode at AskGamblers. 

Play the Best Online Slots in the UK 

We hope by now that you have a better understanding of how slots work and what kinds of slots you’ll find in the UK. The market is huge and we’ve put together on this page the best slots in the industry so you’re completely spoiled for choice. 

There are so many fantastic software providers out there now that there really is something to suit every kind of player. You are welcome to browse our portfolio of games and reviews until you find the ones you think you’re going to enjoy the most. Just remember that every game you play is down to luck and luck alone. 

Sometimes you will win some, sometimes you will lose some. Just remember to bet within your financial means and stop when you feel you need to. Good luck. 

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