On-line gambling success for Purple Lounge

On-line gambling success for Purple Lounge

Press Release - 02 October 2006

With the news that online gambling looks certain to be banned in America , one online gambling company has announced it is currently undergoing a 10 per cent weekly growth rate.

While share prices of American online gambling companies are in virtual freefall, Purple Lounge is experiencing an unprecedented growth rate.

Chairman Chris Gorman announced today that what has happened in America has little or no effect on the Purple Lounge business. The States accounted for a minimal amount of our business, in fact around 0.1 per cent, he said. Since the beginning of September, we stopped taking sign-ups and bets from US players. We felt there was an air of uncertainty in that market place.

The Scandinavian and European markets remain our core business. We've recently launched in Spain and see this as an exciting emerging market

Purple Lounge's month-on-month trading results have shown growth over 350% in the second quarter of this year.

Purple Lounge's strength is in its presentation. It offers a sleek and sophisticated online gaming experience with a luxurious feel - an alternative to run-of-the-mill gambling sites, surrounded by the traditional Vegas glitz.

It isn't simply a gambling site. It also offers a wide range of lifestyle services as well as being a forum for exchanging the latest travel news and events from around the globe. The Purple Lounge casino and poker room has diverse appeal, attracting a varied range of players as well as bridging the gender and age gap, appealing to both men and women. Since the launch of Purple Lounge in November 2005, it has acquired thirty thousand registered players.

The company has also appointed top model Aylar as the new face of Purple Lounge.