New RTG Slot: It's a Mystery

New RTG Slot: It's a Mystery

Realtime Gaming, or RTG, is a software provider famous for its creative and exciting video slots. RTG casinos have released a murder-mystery themed video slot called It’s a Mystery. Packed with lots of exciting features, a fantastic theme, and plenty of unique twists to make it stand out from other video slots, It’s a Mystery is definitely worth checking out.

It’s a Mystery greets the player with a haunting theme melody upon the slot. The game is a 25-line slot with a mandatory max-line bet due to some of its generous qualities. The symbols on the reels are all very well-done depictions of common murder mystery elements. Possible suspects, marked body locations, and wild question marks cascade down the screen while chilling thunder claps in the background.

With each spin, the player gets closer to solving the murder with the feature guarantee. A counter on the top-right of the screen counts down how many more spins are required to automatically activate the feature. Players are always welcome to try to trigger the feature early by hitting the Feature Guarantee PLAY button. By doing so, a lighted wheel will display on the screen, and the player will win the feature if he hits a green light. The more spins you’ve done, the more green lights there are. Of course, gamblers can also trigger the feature by getting three IT’S A MYSTERY symbols on any spin.

The feature itself is a sliding puzzle of the various suspects in the game. The player hits START FEATURE. The number of puzzle pieces that lock into the correct position determine how many free spins the player gets. But, the fun doesn’t end there! Another puzzle appears on the screen to determine the payout multiplier. Players can win up to 50 free spins at a x6 multiplier in It’s a Mystery! This is undoubtedly one of the best features in the online gaming world.

While many players get frustrated when a feature pays little to nothing, online gamblers can rejoice over It’s a Mystery’s win-win guarantee. Players who win less than 10x the triggering bet get a bonus of anywhere from 3-12x the bet, ensuring that no feature leaves anyone feeling disappointed. However, the real bonus is that if you win absolutely nothing in the feature, you automatically get 100x the triggering bet! Rarely does a video slot come around with so many ways to win.

Online gamblers can play It’s a Mystery at any RTG casino. Great places to try this alluring video slot are High Noon Casino, Jackpot Capital, or All Star Slots. All of these wonderful online casinos even give players slot promotion codes that increase their bankrolls and give them more chances to win.

With its one-of-a-kind style, generous feature, and mechanisms to guarantee big wins, It’s a Mystery is definitely one of the best online video slots available. Players are bound to discover that solving this murder is not only exciting and fun, but also rewarding. Give this ominous video slot a try at any fine Realtime Gaming casino.