Mr. Green Spreads the Love with 2 Valentine's Tournaments

Mr. Green Spreads the Love with 2 Valentine's Tournaments

Mr. Green, the iconic multi-software online casino, is putting a little romance in the air in honour of Valentine's Day. On both the 13th and 14th of February, you'll be able to compete against other players in passion-fueled tournaments. You won't need to pay any buy-in fees, you can get started instantly, and the prizes are more than enough to make it worthwhile. Put the candles and romantic music away: there are slots to be spun!

February 13th: Lovers Tournament

In preparation for Valentine's Day, Mr. Green Casino is kicking off a 5-hour Lovers Tournament on the 13th of February at 18:00 GMT. In order to participate, you'll just need to make sure that you have a Mr. Green Casino account with enough funds in it to play. To begin, follow the steps as outlined below:

  • Go to Mr. Green Casino.
  • Use the "Join Mr. Green" button to create your account.
  • Log in with your username and password for real money mode.
  • Add funds into your account using the deposit method of your choice.
  • On the 13th at 18:00 GMT, start playing specific slots to compete against other players.
  • Keep playing for as long as you can through the 5-hour period.

For this tournament, players will be scored based on how well they do on playing the following games:

To ensure that you stand the best chance of winning a prize in the tournament, we highly recommend that you stick to just those 4 games throughout the 5-hour period. Check your score by looking at the nearby Leaderboard. In the event that two players are tied for the same winning position, the one with the higher total wager will take the prize, so make sure to play as much as you can! Below are the prizes you could win by participating:

  • 1st Place: £/€500
  • 2nd Place: £/€300
  • 3rd Place: £/€200


February 14th: £/€2800 Me, Myself, and I Tournament

When Valentine's Day finally rolls around, Mr. Green Casino will be offering up one of the biggest tournaments of the year so far. This "Me, Myself, and I" tournament gives you the chance to be a little selfish on the year's most romantic day and try to win yourself a massive cash prize. Although it is similar in structure to the Lovers Tournament, the stakes are much higher. Below are the rewards for the top 3 players in this huge three-day tournament:

  • 1st Place: £/€1500
  • 2nd Place: £/€800
  • 3rd Place: £/€500

So if you're looking for a date this Valentine's Day, look no further than Mr. Green. These coming tournaments are guaranteed to be a blast, and if you're lucky, you could win enough to buy that special someone the perfect gift and then some. Just make sure to get signed up now if you haven't already; every second counts!

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