Moneybookers is the quickest and safest way to instantly send and receive money via email. You can also transfer funds to other Moneybookers members instantly. Moneybookers is a preferred payment method for most online poker rooms. Moneybookers is based in the UK. It has a huge number of international funding options available as well as local banking transfer options all over the world. It is the most convenient payment method there is for online poker/gambling and online shopping. It features instant transfers and small commissions.

Why use Moneybookers?

Simple, besides being most trusted payment system in the industry, benefits include:

  • Accepted at nearly all online poker sites
  • Instant pay-ins and pay-outs for FREE
  • Complete protection of your personal and financial data
  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • Extremely reasonable commissions for withdrawal
  • Several online poker rooms/casinos offer extra bonuses for Moneybookers users
  • Guaranteed funds transfers security
  • Simple and easy ways to raise your maximum transfer threshold
  • Moneybookers knows no borders. Send money and withdraw funds efficiently regardless of your location

Moneybookers is regulated by the British Financial Services Administration FSA. That means it has to comply with a whole set of some of the most stringent requirements concerning risk prevention and consumer protection. For your financial transactions, Moneybookers employs the powerful 128-bit SSL technology, the same kind the banks and share trading services use for their online operations. When push comes to shove, Moneybookers is probably more secure than any other funds transfer solution, because it never reveals sensitive information (like your bank account or credit card number), not even to the person to whom you transfer funds.

It takes 3-5 minutes to set up a new account, and it's really straightforward. Just follow the instructions as you proceed.

What exactly do Moneybookers' services cost?

Transferring money from your bank account to your Moneybookers account costs nothing. If you use a credit card though, there's a 1.9% fee. Sending money to someone incurs a commission of 1%, up to a maximum of EUR 0.5. Receiving and requesting money is free as well. Withdrawing money to a bank account will cost you exactly EUR 1.8. Withdrawing via a cheque carries a flat fee of EUR 3.5. As you can see the costs are more than reasonable indeed.