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Casinos with Allowed Manual Flushing

Some of the best online casinos offer to their players an option called "Manual Flushing" which will move players’ funds, that are requested for cashout, from the "holding area" so that the player can no longer access it. This option can save a lot of money to players who lack self-discipline.

Here is the list of online casinos with manual flushing:

What is the “Pending Period” or the so called “holding area?

Once you decide to claim you winnings at an online casino you will come across the term “Pending Period”. Many players believe that the purpose of this period is for the players to cancel their requests and lose the funds back to the casino. However, this is actually the necessary time the casino needs to verify payment details and process your transactions.

Some Casinos offer options such as “Reverse Withdrawal” and “Manual Flushing” that allow players to have control over their funds during this period.

What is “Reverse Withdrawal”?

"Reverse Withdrawal" or "Reverse Pending" is an option that gives players the opportunity to reverse their cashout request and use the funds to start playing again. If you are a player who gets easily tempted by online gambling, overspends, or gets bored quickly then playing at a casino that utilises a Reverse Withdrawal policy, can be bad for you.

What is “Manual Flushing”?

Some of the best online casinos that have “Reverse Withdrawal” also offer “Manual Flushing”. By doing so, they give their players an option to protect themselves from temptation and risk losing their winnings.

“Manual Flushing” will move the players’ funds from the pending period area, making them out of players’ reach until the transaction is completed. Once you flush, you are no longer able to reverse your withdrawal and use that money to play. If you want to play or take advantage of a bonus offer, you are required to make a new deposit.

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