Log Into Casino Sieger and Play Bingo Lingo

Log Into Casino Sieger and Play Bingo Lingo

Casino Sieger is giving players an added layer of fun this April with their new Bingo Lingo promotion. Just log into your Casino Sieger lobby to get your first card today. As you deposit, your Bingo Lingo card will be marked off one dot at a time. Make some lines and you'll win some bonus cash! You've got until 30 April to get your card marked off, so start playing soon to get as much bonus money as you can.

Getting Your First Bingo Lingo Card

All you need to do to get your Bingo Lingo card is log into Casino Sieger. Your card will be a simple five-by-four grid of large dots, and your goal is to get one or more horizontal or vertical lines to receive a bonus sum.

If you log in through the new Casino Sieger mobile platform, you'll get 2 free dots to start off with. If you don't have a compatible mobile device, though, don't worry: you'll still get 1 free dot when you log in.

Filling up the Card

Once you have your card, all that's left for you is to start depositing and playing. Every deposit of €50 you make will get you one randomly placed dot. If you prefer making several smaller deposits throughout the day, that is fine - as long as they add up to €50, you can count on getting a dot to help fill out your card.

If you make deposits larger than €50, you'll get multiple dots at a time, enabling you to get more than one combination on a single card. For instance, if you make a deposit of €150, you'll get 3 dots. The only limit is that you can only get 5 dots per day.

Once you get one or more line combinations, you'll receive a bonus that you can redeem through your cashier with the click of a mouse. You can then use that money to play any of Casino Sieger's slots or other bonus-eligible games.

What You Can Win

Bingo Lingo Promotion at Casino Sieger

The amount of bonus cash you'll receive for filling out your card depends on how many combinations you make. Your card will be exchanged for bonus cash as soon as you get one winning line, so in order to get higher amounts, you'll need to make larger deposits. The prize table for Bingo Lingo is as follows:

  • One vertical line: €25
  • One horizontal line: €50
  • One vertical, one horizontal: €100
  • Two vertical lines: €75
  • Two horizontal lines: €125
  • Two vertical, two horizontal: €150

Play Bingo Lingo Again and Again!

The fun doesn't stop with just one card. Until the end of April, Casino Sieger will be giving you a new Bingo Lingo card every time you get a winning combination. This means that you can get potentially endless amounts of bonus cash just by depositing and playing! Just log into Casino Sieger and get your first Bingo Lingo card today.

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