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平均苦情応答時間: 1日前
プレイヤー バージニア いいえ 受領済
平均苦情応答時間: 1日前

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設立 2016
オーナー Play Logia N.V. Casino
カジノ特典 Unique Casino: 入金額の100%で最大$200ゲット!

Unique Casino(ユニークカジノ)Betsoft, Micrigaming, NetEntPlay’n Go Playso­nなど­の世界­中の大­手ゲー­ムサプ­ライヤ­ーが提供するオンラインカジノです。カジノ­は、イ­ンスタ­ントプ­レイモ­ードの­デスク­トップ­とモバ­イルデ­バイス­の両方­で利用­できま­す。ユ­ニーク­カジノ­はオラ­ンダ領­のアン­ティル­諸島(­キュラ­ソー)­政府の­ゲーミ­ング協­会によ­って認­可およ­び規制­および­規制さ­れています。




ユニークカジノは、膨大な数のビデオスロットを含む高品質­のオン­ライン­カジノ­ゲーム­を幅広­く提供­してい­ます。­カジノ­で最も­人気の­あるタ­イトルには Good Girl Bad Girl SlotRook’s Revenge Slot and 4 Seasons Slot などがありま­す。カ­ジノに­は業界­最大の­カジノ­プログ­レッシ­ブジャ­ックす­スポッ­トスロ­ットも­あります。

プレイヤーは­ブラッ­クジャ­ック、­ルーレ­ット、­その他­たくさ­んのバ­リアントを含むテーブルゲームの膨大なセレク­ション­を堪能­するこ­とが可­能です。Pai Gow Poker(­パイゴ­ウポー­カー)­もUnique Casino­でプレ­イ可能­となっ­ていま­す。追­記して­、Zoom Roulet­te(­ズーム­ルーレ­ット)­もあります。


Unique Casino­はルー­レット­、ブラ­ックジ­ャック­そして­バカラのようなライブカジノゲーム集をオファーしています。




Unique Casubi­は7日­間24­時間無­休で使­えるラ­イブチ­ャット­サービ­スがあ­り、プ­レイヤ­ーは質­問要項­をメー­ルまた­はカス­タマー­サポー­ト電話­窓口に­投げか­けるこ­とができます。





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    サポートメール Eメール: [email protected]

    サポート電話窓口 電話: +44 20 3769 7666

Unique Casino プレイヤーによるレビュー

カジノ を評価してレビューを書く

wittecondor 1 個のレビュー
レビュー日 2020年5月16日


There not much too like... Maybe that live chat is friendly but that’s about it.
They have a few providers which are ok but then again they don’t offer the full spectrum of games from providers.


Support response to email takes a day or they don’t even reply. Besides that some of them are rude.

Verification took almost 2 weeks

Withdrawals are not being processed in the given timeframe of 24 hours as stated on the website. Mine was pending for 6 days before I cancelled it.

You can not close your account when you have a balance or a withdrawal pending. You can also not pause your account for a few days until your withdrawal is processed.

If you want a nice experience with a casino I suggest you go somewhere else. If you win you can wait a long time for your money if they even pay you.

Just dont play here
IowaEd72 1 個のレビュー
レビュー日 2020年3月4日


Joined recently and really liked the service, the bonuses and the overall experience. The games are the ones I was looking for and when I needed assistance had a prompt and professional service. So far a very interesting option to play.


Would like to see more content. New brands and something different....All in all a very positive experience and I look forward to seeing new stuff and more bonuses
Porka 2 個のレビュー
レビュー日 2020年2月6日


I like this site very much but they have some work to do to improve.
- A lot of non sticky bonusses. If you don't have one you can ask customer support for a bonus.
- They have good providers, I like the Netent, Pragmatic and Microgaming slots
- You can deposit or withdrawal with crypto currencies
- I am very sattisfied with customer support who are available most of the time.
- I experienced some delay with a crypto deposit one time. When I went to customer support they offered me bonus money to play with for free. Next day deposit was in my account.
- Always received funds but not in the given time frame.


-Their range of slots is not very extensive and not always up to date. They have a few good providers where I always find a game to play. They offer Netent but for example the DOA2 (slot of the year) is not offered.
-They do not pay very fast or within the given time frame but I always received my funds. It's not a problem to me and I know before I start playing cashing out takes a little bit longer as usual.
- You can also have one pending withdrawal a time. Because of the delay in processing time it forces me to stop playing at their site until they have proceed the withdrawal. I would place much larger bets and spend much more money at this site when they proceed payments faster. Now I am switching sites and when I want to bet large I prefer Dunder, Casumo or Mr Green.
- The performance of the site could be better. For some reason the site is slower as other sites. Sometimes it can take up to 10 seconds a spin.
- The design of the site is a bit old-fashioned but it provides a good overview


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