Royal Vegas Casino - Account locked dramatically

係争中のカジノ Royal Vegas Casino
理由 ボーナスの削除
投稿日 2014年5月16日

Royal vegas casino had locked my account when I am getting up from my deposit+bonus.I dont know what investigation they are doing about my account where I got no feedback from last 4 days.Its totally absurd where they suddenly locked my account during play time.But as a responsible player I had informed to support that the royal vegas casino system claimed bonus twice in my account where I got already for play.So I asked ''Warren" to remove 2nd time given bonus from my account.After that he appreciated my honesty and told me to wait 30 minutes to remove 2nd time given bonus from my account.I then logged of and came back after 30 minutes but got locked my account.From that time nobody can tell me anything about why my casino account has been locked without any notice where I didnt breach their T&C.Please help me to solve my case.

投稿日 2013年7月7日

Yesterday,after seek support they asked me to wait untill player security team's decision where they are waiting for other suspected player's security documents.But I can say its totally unfair with me and absurd decision if those suspected player if dont send their documents into RVC player security team,then what decision they will take for me???I am a Loyal and VIP player into so many casinos where I had no trouble at all with them for play.But why RVC did with me!! though they cant say me any exact reason untill now!Why we some players fallen into this bad situation with this type of some casinos?I need your urgent help where you really helpfull to other players.

投稿日 2013年7月11日

Today I went to RVC website to talk with support but they ignored me.Its totally unacceptable where after deposit they nobody cares the players but also before deposit they talk very nicely and try to attract players by many forms.Today is 10th of july but I have n't received any feedback from them concerning my Royal Vegas Casino Account.I dont know if I had fallen into their traps after deposit.I think must be somebody could help me about my issue where I am seeking fair and proper justice.If RVC dont like to allow me to play there then good,I dont care this scam casino but they should give me back my deposit amount $20.I like to suggest to all players to avoid Royal Vegas Casino for all times because They are scam according to my experience.I asked help from ASKGAMBLERS where I had kept faith on them and made a account with RVC from their site.I will look forward for see what step they will take for players and their safety.

投稿日 2013年7月22日

I am still waiting for the feedback concerning the investigations outcome from them but unfortunately I got no reply from them.I surely understand why they still now doing their investigations is to find out at least any little fault from me though They already published into other's complain page that "I do not have any multiple accounts but seems they found some linked account with my account".Its quite impossible to found linked account where from my home now I am playing only myself.I am still trying to keep in touch with fortune lounge and on behalf of me I had sent my 2 friend's documentations to them,they asked from me.However,Please Dear "ASKGAMBLERS" keep open my complain until resolve.

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