Jackpot Party Debuts the 5th Star Trek Video Slot Episode

Jackpot Party Debuts the 5th Star Trek Video Slot Episode

Jackpot Party Casino, home of the world's only online WMS slots, has just debuted the 5th installment of the popular Star Trek video slot series called "Star Trek: A Piece of the Action". After trapping a Tribble in Episode 4, the famous Star Trek crew are back for a new adventure in the Final Frontier. If you're up for the challenge, this expedition could be the most rewarding one yet.

Must Have Medals!

The way that Jackpot Party Casino has set up their Star Trek slots is quite intriguing. In order to access this 5th episode, you must first have accumulated enough medals from the previous episodes. If you are new to the world of Star Trek at Jackpot Party, you'll need to start with the first game, Star Trek: Red Alert. After earning enough medals, you can play the following games in the below order:

Star Trek: Explore New Worlds

    Star Trek Expler New Worlds

      Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles

        The Trouble with Tribbles

        Star Trek: Trap a Tribble

          Star Trek Trap a Trubble

            After you have accumulated enough medals by playing these games, you will finally unlock Star Trek: A Piece of the Action. Of course, if you're a Star Trek junkie and have been saving up your medals for long enough, you're free to start playing today! Altogether, this kind of episode-by-episode experience is something you won't see anywhere else, and we think it gives these games a whole new dimension.

            Game Design

            Like all the famous Star Trek games at Jackpot Party, A Piece of the Action utilises a standard 5-reel interface that makes getting started a breeze. You're free to adjust your bet using the various settings at your disposal. The game defaults at the maximum of 25 paylines, a setting that we recommend you keep to get the most value out of your spin. When you're ready to begin, start spinning and watch the various sci-fi symbols tumble down the reels.

            The primary objective of the base game in Star Trek: A Piece of the Action is to get matching symbols running along any of the active paylines from left-to-right. Although these standard line wins can certainly add up in a hurry, the real fun doesn't begin until you activate the game's various bonus features.

            Win Warp Features

            Star Trek: A Piece of the Action relies heavily upon completely random features known as "Win Warps". If you activate this, you will be given one of four specials:

            • The Rock Creature Multiplying Wild
            • Enterprise Respins
            • Kirk's Gone Wild
            • Dilithium Crystal Super Scatter

            If you want to see what these crazy-sounding features are all about, you'll have to unlock the game and see for yourself!

            Rescue Bonus

            Although the Win Warp features are intriguingly mysterious, we do know that the game's main feature is called Rescue Bonus. In this bonus round, your goal is to get as many of your crew members to return as possible. Choose one of 16 transporter coordinate buttons and hope that a member of your crew will zap back for an extra large cash prize.

            Jackpot Party Progressive

            Of course, no game at Jackpot Party Casino would be complete without the thrilling Jackpot Party Progressive. As always, the feature is activated completely randomly, regardless of the symbol combinations on the previous spin. Once initiated, you will be taken to a special screen where you select presents, most of which contain cash prizes. However, one will contain a star that takes you to the next progressive jackpot level. The round ends when you hit the COLLECT symbol. At the end of the feature, all accumulated prizes, as well as your level's progressive jackpot, will instantly be added to your balance.

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