Jackpot Party Casino Shows Its Love for Lucy

Jackpot Party Casino Shows Its Love for Lucy

Lucille Ball, one of the most famous actresses of all time, has found herself a new home at Jackpot Party Casino. They have just released their brand new video slot entitled I Love Lucy, named after the world-famous sitcom starring Lucille herself. Reminisce with some of Lucy's most memorable moments and go for big jackpots while you're at it. Before you dive into this blast to the past, take a look at everything that makes up I Love Lucy.

Please note that Jackpot Party currently only accepts players from the UK.

Lucy, I'm Home!

I Love Lucy incorporates all of the elements that made the original television show so iconic. Cartoon images of various characters appear in retro TV symbols, and classic rotary telephones cascade down the reels along with them. The game even contains bottles of Vitameatavegamin, the tonic Lucy tried to sell in one of her most memorable episodes. Overall, Jackpot Party has done a great job capturing the magic of I Love Lucy.

Standard Pay Structure

I Love Lucy

Although it is far from basic, I Love Lucy relies upon a familiar general pay layout. The game is composed of five reels and three rows, just like the vast majority of online video slots. It uses a unique total of 27 different paylines. Players can adjust their bet by changing the amount of cash wagered on each of these lines, but the number of lines is fixed. Bear in mind that your bet will also include a Feature Bet equal to 13x your chosen coin denomination.

Cascading Reels

I Love Lucy

In I Love Lucy, every win will trigger a feature called Cascading Reels. After getting a winning combination, all symbols involved with that combination will disappear. New symbols will fall down from the top and fill in the gaps. The reels are then re-evaluated for new wins, and the cycle proceeds until no new wins are found. With this feature, even the tiniest of wins can turn into massive hits.

Win It Again

I Love Lucy

It's hard to ignore the Win It Again feature surrounding the reels. This feature also runs throughout the game and does not require any specific symbol combination to activate. It's also the feature that is paid for with the mandatory Feature Bet. As you score wins, they will be posted on the top. With each spin, older wins move farther to the right until they are eventually pushed off after 5 spins. To win everything in the Win It Again meter, you just need to get a single spin with 3 or more cascades.

You can also try to force the cash out of the Win It Again meter by clicking the Total meter. This will initiate the Cash Out Chance feature, where you will have an opportunity to get your Win It Again money without getting the necessary cascade cycle. Beware, though, that you might end up with absolutely nothing, or a very small amount of what was available.

Finally, even if you get a spin that does not produce a win, you might get a Mystery Bonus added to the Win It Again meter of up to 1000x the line bet for that spin!

Pick a Clip

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Nothing is more enjoyable in this game than watching some of Lucy's most famous performances in the I Love Lucy Pick a Clip feature. To initiate this, just get three or more scattered Feature symbols. A grid of hearts will be presented to you. Choose one at a time to see a funny clip. The meter corresponding to the clip's border colour will then increase by 1. You will be awarded the cash value of the first meter (or meters, if simultaneous) to fill up completely.

To make this feature even more exciting, you may find yourself getting a 2x multiplier on your final prize, as well as the All Awarded symbol that will add 1 to every meter. If you're really lucky, you could end the feature with all four prizes!

Jackpot Party Progressive

Although the game itself has plenty of ways to win big, there's no doubt that the biggest prize is available in the Jackpot Party Progressive. This site-wide game can be triggered on any spin, regardless of the symbol combination. Choose gifts in the grid and win instant cash prizes. If you're lucky, you'll find a golden star to elevate you to the next progressive level before finding the dreaded Collect button. With a top jackpot worth tens of thousands of pounds, this is nothing to laugh at.

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