Jackpot Capital's $150,000 Tarot Fortune Promotion

Jackpot Capital's $150,000 Tarot Fortune Promotion

Jackpot Capital is back with its latest headline promotion, Tarot Fortune. Every week through the 7th of October, play your favorite Real Time Gaming slots and games at Jackpot Capital to earn good favor from the Fates. An impressive $35,000 in weekly prizes will be given away to the top players, with another $10,000 given out at the end of the promotion to the luckiest of all. Get started today for your best chance of winning!

Entering the Tarot Fortune Promotion

All players at Jackpot Capital are automatically entered into the Tarot Fortune promotion. No special codes or forms are required. If you are not yet a member of Jackpot Capital, use our link to sign up, and don't forget to claim your welcome bonus before making your first deposit with promo code WELCOME. See the "Promotions" page on Jackpot Capital's website for the applicable terms and conditions.

Tarot Fortune Overview

The Tarot Fortune promotion is broken down into a weekly structure, with each week beginning on Monday and ending on the following Monday. Your goal is to make it onto the final scoreboard by accumulating enough Tarot Fortune points. The top 300 players at the end of each week are guaranteed one of the bonus prizes.

To qualify for each week's scoreboard, you'll need to deposit at least $50 and accrue at least 5 promotional points, of which at least 1 must by from making bets. However, you will almost certainly need several more points before the end of the week in order to secure a winning position.

How to Earn Points

Jackpot Capital determines your standing on the Tarot Fortune weekly leaderboards by the number of promotional points you accrue. You will be given 1 point for every $100 you make in wagers and for every $25 you make in deposits. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn during the promotion.

It's a good idea to keep your eye on your current leaderboard position by entering your username on the Tarot Fortune page frequently. This will give you an indicator of how much you need to wager or deposit in order to maintain the position you desire.

Prize Breakdown

The weekly prizes are awarded based on each finalist's standing in the weekly leaderboard. These are as follows:

  • 1st Place: $700
  • 2nd Place: $500
  • 3rd Place: $400
  • 4th - 10th Place: $350
  • 11th - 20th Place: $300
  • 21st - 50th Place: $200
  • 51st - 100th Place: $150
  • 101st - 150th Place: $100
  • 151st - 200th Place: $90
  • 201st - 300th Place: $50

Final Station Prizes

When the Tarot Fortune promotion comes to an end on October 7th, Jackpot Capital will give out an additional $10,000 to 30 lucky players. The prize you could qualify for depends on how many points you earn throughout the entire promotion, as shown below:

  • 51-100 points: 10 prizes of $100
  • 101-200 points: 8 prizes of $250
  • 201-300 points: 3 prizes of $500
  • 301-500 points: 3 prizes of $600
  • 501-1000 points: 3 prizes of $800
  • 1001+ points: 3 prizes of $1000

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