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How to Stay Eligible for Promotions

How to Stay Eligible for Promotions

One of the biggest advantages to playing online is the huge assortment of promotions that are available to players. In a land-based casino, management will compensate gamblers for their play with free meals, discounts on rooms, and tickets to live entertainment. Since an online casino can't provide these amenities, it will offer players free money. Often, these bonuses are much more likely to make players winners than if they just played casino games without one.

However, online casinos do not like when people mooch off of these offers alone. “Bonus abuse,” as it is called, has become a hot-button issue in the gaming industry. A fair casino will honor all its promotions already taken, but it still has the liberty to stop players from taking future bonuses due to abuse. To prevent being labeled as a bonus abuser, be sure to follow a few steps.

1. Use a regular betting pattern.

Gamblers cannot ever beat the house edge of casino games. Betting systems simply do not work. However, there are ways to vary bets so that players will end a promotion with more money in their balance than they typically would. Some casinos expressly prohibit this type of gameplay, while others do not. Regardless of whether or not it is allowed, players should keep a consistent bet size.

Even though using a varied betting system can increase a player's return on a promotion, it is of marginal value. Two-tier betting, as it is called, is often an unnecessary risk that puts players in grave danger of no longer being eligible for the generous promotions offered by a casino. Keep those bets consistent.

2. Play a little bit more after playthrough is met.

Online casino promotions almost always come attached with some kind of playthrough requirement. Players must wager the bonus and deposit a certain number of times before they are able to withdraw. While there is never any problem withdrawing immediately after making playthrough, players may run the risk of being flagged as a bonus abuser if they consistently withdraw considerable winnings right after making the requirement.

Of course, completing playthrough is difficult at times, and gamblers ought to be able to enjoy the winnings. Therefore, don't make big bets after playthrough. The best thing a player can do is set a loss limit. Then, he or she should play slots at the lowest denomination until they reach that limit or get a decent hit. It doesn't have to even be a huge loss limit. In fact, playing slots for only a few spins after making playthrough is plenty to keep players eligible for promotions.

3. Make a non-bonus deposit after cashing out on bonus winnings.

The fastest way for players to be labeled as bonus abusers is only depositing when they see a tasty promotion. Taking advantage of these promotions is not a bad thing, and it's a great way to get plenty of entertainment time. However, online casinos offer these promotions either as a way to reward loyal players. People who essentially turn a profit on online casino promotions only without playing normally will quickly find themselves without any promotions to take.

What's the best thing to do? Make any size deposit, big or small, after successfully cashing out bonus winnings. It's better to make the deposit significantly smaller than these winnings to stay a winner regardless of what happens. Then, just enjoy the games without any playthrough restrictions, and remember to cash out while ahead. Regular play is simply the most important way for gamblers to stay eligible for the great match and no deposit offers given by online casinos.

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