Hit the Tables and Win Big Reload Bonuses at Yachting Casino

Hit the Tables and Win Big Reload Bonuses at Yachting Casino

It's Live Casino Month at Yachting Casino. Whether you're a seasoned live table games player or have never tried them before, now is a great time to play Yachting Casino's live blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. If you wager at least €1000 on these games by the end of February, you'll earn a 10% slots reload bonus that you can use on your next deposit. Play even more to earn a higher percentage bonus, up to 50%!

New to Yachting Casino?

Yachting Casino

If you haven't ever played at Yachting Casino before, you will likely want to claim the site's 100% match bonus of up to €250. To do this, just follow these steps:

Please note that only slots (100%), Caribbean Stud Poker (50%), and video poker games (25%) contribute toward the wagering requirement. This means that you cannot use the welcome bonus to play the live games. However, you can use it to find out which slots you like the best for when you receive your slots reload bonus after the promotion.

Earning Your Slots Reload Bonus

When you're ready to meet the live dealers, log into Yachting Casino and go into the live section. Make sure you have some money in your account, and then join a table! Play whichever game you want with whatever bet size you like.

At the end of February, the slots reload bonus you qualify for will depend on how much you wagered on table games throughout the month. The possible bonuses are as follows:

  • Wager €5000 or more on live games to earn a 50% slots reload bonus
  • Wager €2000 or more on live games to earn a 20% slots reload bonus
  • Wager €1000 or more on live games to earn a 10% slots reload bonus

The slots reload bonus should be added to your account by the 2nd of March. You will be able to activate it as soon as you make your next deposit!

Tips for New Live Table Game Players

Yachting Casino offers three different live games. The first is roulette. Simply bet on where you think the ball will land, and if you guess correctly, you will win the amount shown on the game's paytable. The longer the odds, the better the payout for a particular bet. No strategy is involved, and you can count on a long-term return of 97.30% no matter how you like to play.

Baccarat is similar to a coin toss game, except that it is played with cards. You bet on whether you think the "Player" or "Banker" hand will be closer to 9. Due to the drawing rules, the odds are slightly in favor of the Banker, so winning Banker bets will be charged a 5% commission. The best strategy is to always bet on Banker, which yields a long-term return of 98.94%.

The best bet is blackjack, but in order to get a good return on your money, you need to know proper strategy. We recommend getting to know the table rules at Yachting Casino at low stakes. Then, find an online blackjack strategy chart to get the best payout for those rules. Played correctly, live blackjack is one of the best games in Yachting Casino, with a return of over 99.50%!

Give Yachting Live Casino a Try

If you're ready to earn your slots reload bonus, head over to Yachting Live Casino and try your luck at the tables. We hope you find your lucky dealer!

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