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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
When I was just a little boy, my father would take me to see movies, lots of movies. Of Cowboys, Red Indians, Romans, and including modern war movies too, like The Longest Day. Aah, not really, I was already grown up by that time, so I saw that one on my own, or was that with a girlfriend? Gees, I can't remember, but never mind. Roman action movies have always been my favourite in those days, movies like The Trojan Horse, Cleopatra, Hercules and Ben Hur. Nowadays, I like to watch 'Bend Her' movies at times, but that's a totally different category! Hahaha.

So it isn't surprising at all that this Gladiator soon became one of my favourite slot games too. Movie video clips keep the play exciting, the free spins games were thrilling, and the Jackpot Bonus games were exhilarating and killing! At times, I could feel my heart beating like hell, trying to get out of my body, but I kept everything steady, hehehe. That was that time when I got a Jackpot Bonus game, and the Golden Helmets starting appearing one by one by one! In my head, I was going all crazy like "oooh my god!...2 million jackpot!...come on!...come on!...all Golden Helmets...PUH-leeease!...five up already..." Ooh boy, my butts couldn't sit still when the 7th Golden Helmet appeared! Just two more to 2 million jackpot! Then the 8th appeared...SILVER! Damn! WTF must a silver helmet spoil all my happiness? Why oh why?! God didn't answer. There was only silence, hahaha. Then the last 9th helmet came, another gold one. Blardy hell, I was saying to myself, missed by one blardy silver helmet, a blardy 2-million-dollar silver helmet!

That day could have been my best day ever, but it turned out to be my worst day! My best day if I had won that huge jackpot that could have changed my whole life forever. My worst day because I missed getting it for another two more times within that same blardy day!!! One missed by yet another silver helmet. The other one missed by three silver helmets. Damn! Why oh why?! How can anyone be so unlucky, not once but three times in a single day?! No answer of course, just silence! Hehehe.

Well, that Jackpot Bonus game is the one thing to keep looking out for, but the free spins games were no less exciting. I managed to pick out one item each from the pyramid of choices, getting free spins, a win multiplier, a special scatter and an extra Wild at the very top of the pyramid. The final payout was good, but not huge, because the scatter symbol wasn't the Queen or the Emperor. That would give a real whopper of a win if you can get 4 or 5 of them! So far, I have reached this level of free spins game not more than 10 times. I have won all 10s and all Js, whilst the others were never full. I had the Emperor and the Queen too, but none of them came in threes to activate the symbol scattering game. That was also a big disappointment for me, because both these two symbols could pay really big in the scattering game. Imagine getting 5 scatters of the Emperor, then see how it would expand and cover all the 5 reels! Oooh-boy! I hope one day I can get to see this too, but never forgetting all the Golden Helmets of course! Hahaha.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Why do we gamble? For a chance to win big, to solve all our financial problems and to be a bit famous for winning a progressive Jackpot. Whenever I sit down to play this game I take a look at the jackpot amount and the last time I played it there were about 2 million euros. Hitting a sum like that seems impossible but in a gamblers mind there is always hope that one day that amount will be transferred to my balance.

This version of the game is totally identical like the original Gladiator slot. Standard 25 paylines, 5 reels and with the same bonus features. The only difference is that in the Gladiator bonus you have a chance to win millions. The gladiator bonus is triggered when you get 3 helmets on reels 2, 3 and 4. The helmets are wild symbols so even by getting them you have a chance for some nice 5 of a kind combination wins. In the bonus 9 helmets are revealed and they can be in gold, silver or in bronze. Some day one lucky player will see all 9 gold helmets on the screen and all of his financial problems will be solved. Off course every time I get this bonus I hope it’s gonna be me but the most I have gotten so far is only 7. The second feature of the game is the coliseum bonus. Here if you get 3 scattered coliseums anywhere on the reels you are taken to the coliseum bonus where you have a chance to win extra features like free games with multipliers, extra scatters and extra wilds. I have never managed to unlock all of the features in this bonus so I can’t say I had some big wins.

The fact remains that all of us including me play this game only for the ultimate payout from the progressive jackpot. If you want to play this game just for some big wins you better play the regular version because the jackpot version is a bit tighter when it comes to regular payouts.
Gladiator jackpot game it is remake of original gladiator game made by playtech. This is great online slot, one of the best i ever played, and definetely it is one of the best slots by playtech ever.

Gladiator jackpot has 25 paylines ,and there is not big difference between jackpot version and this one. Generally there is only one difference - at jackpot version you can win jackpot, very nice money, and of course glory because i think a lot of websites will write news about this win.

To win jackpot you need to enter bonus game, the way to enter it is left unchanged from original game - you need 3 helmets each at reel 2,3 and 4, and then bonus game is start. Then just get 9 golden helmets, and that's it, you win jackpot. Very easy...In theory.

I have played this slot a lot, and have many jackpot bonus games, had 8 golden helmets in a row probably 10 times, and last one was never golden. Imagine this feeling when you one step away from huge money, and then just bronze. And then again, and again. Painful it is.

Freespins feature is the same, 3 or more scatters and picking prefreespins game is starting. You can choose amounts of freespins, multiplier, and if picks was in correct way extra scatters, and very rare extra wild.

Generally there is no any difference with gladiator original slots, if only now it is a bit harded to get bonus game. Everything esle is same, and this is still great online slot.

My best result at jackpot version of game is much more lower than at original game, but to compare honest i must say that i played jackpot version much less than original. Best feature i had was about 100 x total bet, a bit less i think. Nothing special, but feature triggered often, and it is a lot of fun to play this game.
It is an perfect slot without any minuses. Can't thumb down anything.
This is a 5-reel slot,with 25 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.25 euro!
In my opinion, this slot has a huge success because it has a jackpot to be won but also because it has an interesting theme and nice features like free spins, wilds and bonus game!

I love it very much, it is my favorite slot game from Playtech and I am playing it every time I made a deposit at Bet365 Casino!
To be able to win the jackpot you have to catch the bonus game, 3 helmets on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel, and to win 9 golden helmets, something that I have never seen so far!

I am playing only on the minimum bet of 0.25 euro because I am not a high roller and I am not putting a lot of money on slot games!
I like very much when I manage to trigger the free spins feature because it is an interesting feature! You have the chance to choose the number of freespins, the multiplier, the wild symbol and also the extra wild symbol if you are lucky enough! And I am saying this because I played a lot of times this slot and the free spins feature but only one time I managed to reach the step where to choose the extra wild!
I can't say that I won huge amount of money at this slot but decent wins on the 0.25 euro bet and I had fun with this slot!

I will try to rate it now, from my own experience and I will start with the graphics and symbols, I will give a 9 because I think that it has good graphics and nice theme!
Regarding the payout rate, I will give another 9 because I won much money than I lost so for me it pays very well!
Obviously the nice features like free spins, wild, bonus game will receive a 10 because I love them very much!
Icymod 758 reviews
Gladiator Jackpot is yet another of my favourite Playtech slots because it resembles the original Gladiator. It's 25 paylines holding together a huge jackpot that can only be won through the Gladiator Jackpot bonus for lining up 3 helmet wilds on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. These are wilds for combinations and acts like scatters for triggering the bonus!

In the normal Gladiator, the bonus doesn't have an extra edge although over here on it's Jackpot version, the helmets if appearing all gold will take down the jackpot and leave the lucky player with financial freedom and security! Everyone wants that magnificent moment! As with this Gladiator, my bets stayed the same for just $1 per spin. To me, the helmets inside the bonus seem to appear more gold helmets than on the standard Gladiator. I figured I was just lucky! In my opinion, I believe that the normal Gladiator has something that the Jackpot one doesn't and that's better prizes in the Coliseum bonus. Somehow I can make my way to the 3rd row easier and sometimes I'm very lucky to have an extra wild on the last row for the 1st Gladiator slot but seeing the results on the Gladiator Jackpot slot seems to be duller! The slot needs to be sharpened! My Coliseum bonus ends on the 2nd row, I have yet to collect an extra wild and for reasons I can't explain, I feel as though Gladiator (1st one) is much looser in winnings than on the Gladiator Jackpot! About $36 were my average winnings in Free spins although on the Helmet bonus, it's from $10 - $40. What colored helmets I'll see will determine my total winnings. I would see Gladiator Jackpot to be my 2nd best as it's tougher and more stricter in bonus wins than on its original in my personal opinion! It'd be perfect only for chasing the jackpot but I'll just stick to the original as the jackpot won't be hit anytime soon!
Besides, everyone's attention will be on this slot so why not play the original to create many wins! Lesser players mean more wins?
When I think I'm going to hit an extra scatter in the Coliseum bonus and it collects my prizes on the 2nd row which by the way is a shame or having plenty of Gold Helmets in the Gladiator Jackpot bonus that leaves 2 silver helmets nearing the end! Another example is finding this whole bonus round full of bronze helmets! 9 of these will pay an unsatisfying 9 x total win as each one is a 1 x win per helmet!
Gladiator game is powered by Playtech. I really love this game, this game is epic and i recommend it to everybody out there. I have won tonnes of money on this game and on the smallest bets. There are 25 lines in this game and i have played it on all bets. For me personally a bet of €0.50 is perfect. With this bet i can control my loses and have a chance to win big. The pays in this game are good and it has two features.

There is a gladiator bonus and a free spins feature. You get the gladiator feature when you get helmets on the 2,3 and 4 reels. The helmets are also wild so if you get them you will also get a good win. In this feature you are awarded with random prizes depending on the color of helmet. You cant win too much in this feature and on average i win around €10 on my usual bet.

The free spins are my favorite and to get them i had to get three or more coliseums anywhere on the reels. When you get that you have ti pick. there are four columns and each has a different prize. The bottom column is the free spins, then its a multiplier, then its scatter and then it is wild. You can also pick a column up symbol and that awards you with the whole column. This feature is not great if you dont make it to the third column. If you do and get scatters, then you have a chance to win big. On the €0.25 bet, even if you get 10 as a scatter, for four of them you get €20, imagine how much you could win if you get a bigger symbol. My biggest win was when i got the green guy as a scatter and got five of them twice. Well over €200 on my usual bet.

Over all the graphics are awesome and the game play is class.If i was to rate this game i would give it 10 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Gladiator jackpot is playtech game, and this game identical to original gladiator game, with only one difference - here players can win progressive jackpot. To win progressive jackpot player need to trigger bonus game, and then on this bonus game should appear 9 golden helmets.

Hey, gladiator lovers, how much time on original gladiator you had 9 golden helmets? i am personally never get it... So won this jackpot is really hard, and also RTP is lower than original due to this jackpot.
But when this game was released, i am remember lot of my playtime on original gladiator game, and decide to give this one a try, who knows, probably i finally get lucky and win progressive jackpot which will cover all my losses on gladiator. Of course first casino on which i deposit to play this game was omni casino, why not eurogrand? I am not sure that they will not cheat me with progressive wins, and i will not get my win for something like 20 months, no thanks, i better deposit at omni, which will pay my win without any doubts and headaches. I start playing at 0.50 bets, and i noticed one interesting thing, on this version of gladiator golden helmets in bonus game appear much more often than on original game. Once i managed to get 7 golden helmets, but two last was bronze, yeah, it was close, but i think the game designed such way to make game more interesting for players, because such things like many golden helmets and then one silver make player play and play, with a hunt to jackpot.

This is still good old gladiator, but with less RTP. To be honest after few attempts to win jackpot i decide never return to this game. Why play same game with less RTP, i am not fool to believe that i win this jackpot, chances extremely low. 6 stars only for this one.

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