Win up to £1,000 just for spinning at Bet365 Casino

Win up to £1,000 just for spinning at Bet365 Casino

Love to spin? Join the Bet365 Slots Club and play your favourite games to win up to £1,000/€1,000/$2,000 by the end of the month. The more days you spin, the bigger your prize will be. The Slots Club giveaway is running through both October and November, so head over to Bet365 Casino today and start spinning your way towards a huge end-of-the-month prize.

Start by opting in

Bet365 Casino wants you to get in on the fun that their Slots Club has to offer. All you have to do is opt-in. This is free and literally only takes a few seconds. Start by going to the Bet365 Casino website. Then, click on “Pr­omo­tio­ns” and find the “Slots Club” link. Scroll down a bit on the page and hit the “Opt-in” button. Once you enter your Bet365 username, password, and email account, you’ll instantly be put into the promotion!

Not yet a Bet365 Casino member? You still have plenty of time to reap the benefits of the Slots Club. Sign up with our link today, and as a first time depositor, you can choose from one of three welcome bonus offers. Just click on the “Opening Bonus” link on the Bet365 Casino promotions page for full details.

Then, start spinning!

After you’ve opted into the Slots Club, all that’s left to do is play your favourite slots. Bet365 Casino is home to a massive array of all sorts of bonus video slots, including Battle of the Gods, Rubik’s Riches, Iron Man 2, Deal or No Deal World Slot, and Everybody’s Jackpot, as well as several classic three-reel games. Every single one of them counts towards your Slots Club totals.

Iron Man 2

Earn your Slots Club rewards

Bet365 Casino will determine the amount of Slots Club cash you earn at the end of the month based on how often you play, and how much you play. You want to earn as many loyalty points on slots as you can, on as many days as you can. The minimum qualifying prize of £5/€5/$10 just requires you to earn 100 loyalty points on 10 different days this October.

The prizes get even better as you spin more. The biggest prize of all is reserved for the most ambitious slot players. If you can earn at least 2,500 loyalty points on 25 separate days in October, you’ll end the month with an incredible £1,­000­/€1,­000­/$2,000 prize! For the full prize table, visit the Slots Club page on Bet365 Casino’s website.

Keep playing in November for twice the prizes!

Once you receive your October Slots Club prize from Bet365, remember to play in November to do it all over again. Play both months and you could earn up to £2,­000­/€2,­000­/£4,000 by December!

Don’t forget to redeem your loyalty points

The loyalty points you earn as you spin aren’t just for Slots Club benefits. Bet365 Casino makes it easy to convert your accumulated points into actual cash! Just log into your account screen and visit your points page to see how many you have to redeem.

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