Win some gold in the latest tournament at Liberty Bell Casino

Win some gold in the latest tournament at Liberty Bell Casino

There is a fantastic new tournament in town at Liberty Bell Casino and it is starting right now! There is no time to loose. At Liberty Bell Casino you can take part in a $500 Slots Tournament that is open to all players. Experience the thrill of Liberty Bells Casino's Cleopatra's Gold slots tournament. Everyone is welcome and absolutely no code is required.

$500 Slots Tournament

This weekend forget about hitting the town on a night out and hit the slots at Liberty Bell Casino instead with the Cleopatra's Gold Challenge.

If you are not a registered member yet, you can sign up at Liberty Bell Casino and join in the fun when you register for Cleopatra's Gold Challenge. There is a prize pool of $500 just waiting to be won and the best part is you will not be required to make a single deposit! Liberty Bell Casino is the place to be.

Cleopatra's Gold Video Slot

Tournament Details

First things first, the tournament is set to take place this weekend. The tournament start date is Friday 27th February at 8pm EST and it will last for a full 48 hours, taking you through the whole weekend until Sunday.

Registration for this great tournament will begin today, Thursday 26th February at 8pm EST. Act fast and head over to Liberty Bell Casino to reserve your place now.

How do I take part?

This is a great way to earn yourself some extra cash without even having to spend your own money! Taking part is really easy, here are the instructions you need to reserve your place:

  1. Sign up to Liberty Bell Casino / Log in to your existing account
  2. To register for this tournament, simply click on the tournament button in the downloaded casino
  3. Select "Buy In"
  4. Create an Alias. Once the tournament becomes active at the tournament start time, click on play and begin.

Your time will begin once you have selected 'Play' for the very first time. If you decide to leave the tournament before the time is up or all the credits are played, the timer will continue to run and will not be paused for the absent period of time. Play time will finish when either the  15 minute time allocation expires, the 15,000 credits are depleted or the tournament ends. Any unplayed entries will be forfeited at 8pm EST on Sunday night. There area maximum number of players of 10,000 so grab your place right now. You can choose to re-buy in to the tournament for a cost of $5 and there are a maximum of 5 buy-ins allowed

Slot tournament prizes will be given out in cash and there are no restrictions attached.

Secure your place in the tournament right now at Liberty Bell Casino.

Sign Up at Liberty Bell Casino Now!

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