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Svenbet Casino starts its third promotion week

Week Three of Your Favourite Svenbet Casino Promotion is Here!

Svenbet Casino is all about Extra Spins to give away, spread across the entire month of October. With 4 weekly episodes, and each holding its own set of exciting thematic thrills, players are encouraged to deposit and score big! Depositing each week at this online casino is adding to a bigger total of Extra Spins, and a prize of 50 Extra Spins for those completing all 4 weekly episodes.

The Excitement is on Point 

With the third week of October creeping in on us, the third themed episode of Svenbet Casino is as as well! The theme is "Rock Da House!" and it's open for everyone to get involved. But, how do you actually do that if you haven't participated so far? Simple – all you've got to do is make a deposit. 

Deposit €30 and get the spins along with a 130% reload bonus up to €500.

Each episode comes with a reload bonus offer on selected online slots, with the player receiving an extra of 20 spins on top, upon depositing. The more episodes you deposit in, the more spins you'll get.

Players who qualify for:

  • 1/4 episodes will receive 20 Extra Spins.
  • 2/4 episodes will receive 40 Extra Spins
  • 3/4 episodes will receive 60 Extra Spins
  • 4/4 episodes will receive 80 Extra Spins + 50 Extra Spins for completing the whole series. 

Total Extra Spins: 20+40+60+80+50 =250 for 4/4

Rock Da House, Alright!

So, week three of theme excitement is starting today and is, as mentioned, called "Rock Da House!". It lasts all throughout the third week of October 2019, 21/10 - 27/10, to be precise. 

What are the requirements?

  • Deposit 30€
  • Claim the 'Episode 3' Bonus

The way to claim the "episode 3" bonus is to deposit €30 and get the spins along with a 130% reload bonus up to €500.

There is a a prize of 50 Extra Spins for those completing all 4 weekly episodes.

Slots, Slots, Slots

As it always goes with awesome promotions, there are specific slots you can play at this online casino, too – and that's the truth this time as well. The slots set for you to play on are:

Extra Spins: 20/40/60 Extra Spins on Guns N' Roses – NetEnt

Sounds fun so far? It sure does! In case you haven't been a part of this fantastic promotion till today, make sure you stay tuned with this one and everything that comes next. Since we're now on episode 3, you'll have the episode, i.e., Week 4: Trick or Treat to pay attention to, too, and pile up on some reload bonuses and Extra Spins! Enjoy the ride, and rock da house as you should! Oh, and - make sure you read the casino’s Terms and Conditions for any information that may be of relevance to you!

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