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Watch the 2018 SlotsFighter Tournament Finals Live on Twitch and YouTube

Watch the SlotsFighter Champions League Finals 2018: Spin Ninja vs Blackcat7!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The SlotsFighter tournament final match between the world’s best two players of online slots will show us who will take the grand prize of whooping €10,000 and the title of the champion. In case you’ve missed some parts related to SlotsFighter, you may check our post Slotsfighter Champions League Starts: Get Ready for a Glorious Tournament to find the most important information regarding this unique gaming spectacle. Like the entire tournament, the final battle will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube!

Watch the SlotsFighter Tournament Finals

Attention, attention, slots fans! Whatever you’re doing, here’s an offer that is almost impossible to turn down. The SlotsFighter play-offs are getting close to their end and we’re about to witness who will become the master of slots.

As you know, top online casinos are ready to host our two finalists once again, so you just need to sit tight and enjoy the show.

Watch the 2018 SlotsFighter tournament final match live on Twitch and YouTube on Saturday, the 19th of May, 6:30 CET!

Click on SlotsFighter Twitch link or SlotsFighter YouTube link to watch the finals and discover which one of the two players will have better concentration and cooler head!

Just to remind you, the play-offs welcomed the best four out of eight players, whereby Spin Ninja and casinomon met in the first semifinals, while Blackcat7 faced The Scatterman in the second semifinals.

Who Has Better Odds of Winning the Crown

Tension is raising, and the air is starting to fill with adrenaline. Which player has better odds of becoming the champion? Judging by the leaderboard where he finished top of the league after the regular season, Spin Ninja could be an inch closer to catching the glory.

He is this seasons’ record holder of the single biggest win, not to mention his amazing 11-win streak during the tournament! SpinNinja reached the finals by beating casinomon 2:0 in the first exciting semifinal round.

The two SlotsFighter tournament finalists have equal odds of winning the crown and small details might decide on who wins and who loses.

In the other corner of the ring you’ll be able to admire the skills of the second finalist known as Blackcat7. He reached the finals by overcoming The Scatterman 2:1 in the other intense semifinals. And when you take a glance at the standings before play-offs on tournament page, you’ll see that Blackcat7 ranked third!

You all know what that means, right? It means that you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to watch these two amazing online slots players face each other in an epic online slots final battle.

Don’t Miss the Exciting Peak of SlotsFighter Inaugural Tournament

The finals. It all comes down to that single moment. The moment when a player finds out whether he has what it takes to become the winner. The tournament rules are clear saying that the finals are played in a best-of-5 matches format.

So, unlike the semifinals when you had the chance to watch the players in a best-of-3 matches format, the final clash of the titans will bring additional two matches.

Have fun watching the final SlotsFighter tournament battle in a best-of-5 format.

Join the action live on Twitch and YouTube and don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the insane SlotsFighter final duel between Spin Ninja and Blackcat7.

For more info about the SlotsFighter Tournament, head over to our forum where you may join the discussion on anything you’d like to know related to the event. Enjoy the show!

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