Visit the AskGamblers Forum

Visit the AskGamblers Forum

We have a fantstic forum here at AskGamblers and from now on we will give you regular updates on the best topics that have been taking place. Our forum is filled with lots of friendly members, moderators and admin staff that are always willing to help. You can visit the forum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can talk about absolutely anything gambling related. If you have had a big win recently you can start a topic and share it with the other members.

Even if you have had a bad experience you can share it with other just like you. Its also another place you can go to look for promotions, bonuses and no deposit codes. There really is no limit! In order to post in our forum you will need to be a member of AskGamblers. Take a few minutes to sign up here.

In our forum we have a wide range of topics you can choose from. You can post in topics like 'Best and Worst', 'Online Casino and Games', 'Exclusive AskGamblers Bonuses' and 'Your Favourite'.
Here are some of the latest topics you can participate in:

"Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!"

Everyone loves to win big. What better way of showing off those wins than by sharing those winning screenshots off to other gamblers. This topic allows you to share all of your winning screenshots where the win is over 100 times your total bet. Simply take a screenshot of that win and post it in this topic. You can also see some other amazing wins from other members.

"Your first deposit in 2015th!"

This is one of our newest topics and its all about where you have started your year. We want to know which casino you made your first deposit in 2015. Did you win or did you loose? Share your experience with other members.

"Dead or Alive"

Dead or Alive Video Slot

Dead or Alive is a slot by Net Entertainment and is one of the most talked about slots in our forum at the moment. Some members like it whilst some members don't. Alot of our members are trying to achieve the famous 'five scatters' on this slot. Have you managed to get that? If so we need to know. But don't worry if you haven't because you can share any of your stories about this great slot in our forum.


We currently have THREE different writing contests that you can particiate in! And we are always looking for new writers. There are some rules of the contests that can be found in each topic. But what we want you to do is share with us your Casino Reviews, Bonus Reviews and Game Reviews. Just for sharing your opinion we will award you with $5 for each review. In order to qualify for payment your reviews must meet our guidelines. Make sure to check these at the beginning of each contest before taking part. Here are the contests you can take part in

'Casino Reviews' - We will pay $5 for every published comment. Simply write your review about the latest casino you have played in. Tell about the good points and the bad points and give the casino a star rating.

'Game Reviews' - In this contest we will pay you $5 for every published review you make about online slots.

'Bonus Reviews' - We have thousands of different bonuses for you to claim at AskGamblers. Any bonuses that you accept where you have made a deposit, we want to know. Tell us all about these bonuses and we will pay you $5 for each piblished review.

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