Trick or Treat? You decide at Dublinbet Casino

Trick or Treat? You decide at Dublinbet Casino

Dublinbet Casino is taking you trick-or-treating this Halloween season, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’re a trickster at heart or just want some candy! Head over to Dublinbet Casino now and visit their “Du­bli­nba­t” page, where you can get the full rules and decide which side you want to pick. Come back on the 30th to make your final decision, and then find out what your reward is on Halloween. Plus, don’t forget to try your luck in the cash prize draw where you can win up to €500!

The “Tr­ick­-or­-Tr­eat­” Bonus Countdown

Dublinbet Casino’s Trick-or-Treat page is still locked, but once the timer on the front reaches 0 on 30th October, you’ll have 24 hours to enter your decision once and for all: Trick, or Treat? Before you decide, take the time to look at what you’ll get.

If you choose Treat, Dublinbet Casino will give you exactly what you’d expect: a nice bonus treat for Halloween. Everyone who picks this side will get a guaranteed 50% match bonus code that can be used to get up to €150. Not a bad way to spend some time while you’re munching on that Halloween candy!

Feeling a bit more mischievous? Choose Trick on the 30th, and see if your gamble pays off on Halloween. You’ll randomly get one of six bonus offers, as listed below. As you can see, it can pay off, but you might also end up without much at all!

  • 10% match up to €10
  • 25% match up to €50
  • 25% match up to €100
  • 50% match up to €200
  • 50% match up to €375
  • 50% match up to €500

Regardless of which side you pick, you’ll need to redeem your bonus by making a deposit at some point on either the 30th or the 31st. See the bonus page in your casino lobby for the full terms and conditions of the offer you receive.

Enter to win €500 cash!

What could be a better way to fill up your candy bag than with cold, hard cash? Dublinbet Casino is giving four lucky players a spooky cash prize, with a top payout of €500! All you have to do is enter your email address on the “Du­bli­nba­t” promo page. Just remember to check your email inbox on Halloween to see if you’ve won and redeem your prize. Here’s the full prize pool:

  • 1 winner of €500
  • 1 winner of €250
  • 1 winner of €150
  • 1 winner of €100

All prizes are real cash, which means that you can use them to play however you want or cash them out when you want.

Have a Happy Halloween at Dublinbet Casino

With two fantastic Halloween promotions running, it’s a scary good time to try your luck at Dublinbet Casino. Whether you want to play a Trick or just crave a Treat, these Dublinbat bonuses are a guaranteed way to have a great night of Halloween fun.