There's a Mystery Giveaway at Casino Heroes

There's a Mystery Giveaway at Casino Heroes

There is a mystery giveaway organized at Casino Heroes, as the title itself suggests. And trust me on this, it couldn’t have been more mysterious than it is. If you like a good mystery, then you shouldn’t miss out on this campaign. You have only a few days left for this which has some good and bad sides. Bad side is that you probably won’t have enough time to show all that you’ve got but on the other hand, the sooner it ends the sooner you will find out what you can win here.

Mystery campaign 

Like I said, the campaign has already started. It began on the November 17th and it will end on November 23rd, 2015. Obviously, this promotion is alive, but what exactly does this mean? What’s so mysterious about it?

Beat the boss and reveal the mystery.

Well, the mystery concerns rewards. If you join this promotion, you will receive a mystery gift for every boss fight you win. As soon you win the fight, there will be a reward credited. However, even if the award gets credited immediately, you will not be able to lay your hands on it before November 24th, because that’s when the release date is. Keep in mind that the reward will be valid only until the end of November.

Follow the storyline

There is a story behind every mystery, and this one is no exception. Here’s how everything goes down. The princess’ entourage has come to town to prepare everything for her arrival on the November 24th. They’ve arrived early for the royal visit to Hero Islands. The gifts for all brave heroes have come with, and they reside within the walls of the Islands in treasure chests which you can win if you beat the boss.

koi princess slot

Does this help you even a bit to figure out what this promotions is about? No? Yes? Well, if your answer is no, let me give you a little hint. What is this princess everyone is talking about? The princess in question is the Koi Princess. Rings any bells? Still no? OK, here it goes!

Koi Princess is the NetEnt video slot which is eligible for this promotion. So, if you want to get your mystery reward, or several mystery rewards, all you have to do is hit the reels on Koi Princess video slot before midnight on the November 23rd. As for the rest, it’s a mystery. I don’t like to repeat myself, but I told you that this couldn’t be a bigger mystery than it already is.

So, what we’ve got so far is only what you have to do if you wish to join. To sum things up, here it is:

  • Visit Casino Heroes
  • Sign in/Sign up
  • Hit the reels on Koi Princess
  • Beat the boss
  • Get the reward

That’s all folks! All that’s left is to join this royal entourage and be the first to solve this mystery! Her majesty is in the house!

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