The $100,000 Ghost Hunt has begun at Jackpot Capital

The $100,000 Ghost Hunt has begun at Jackpot Capital

The ghosts are out at Jackpot Capital! If you aren’t afraid of a little scare, you can play in the Ghost Hunt promotion throughout October for your share of an incredible $100,000 prize pool. With weekly prizes, bonus drops, and extra rewards for the bravest of ghost hunters, Jackpot Capital’s Ghost Hunt is one hell of a thrill.

Everyone is invited to the Ghost Hunt

Jackpot Capital has automatically enrolled all players into the Ghost Hunt. In fact, even if you aren’t already a member, you can sign up today and still qualify for the weekly leaderboards. Just remember to take advantage of their welcome bonus package. Full details are available on their website under “Pr­omo­tio­ns”.

Please note that, in order to qualify for a weekly leaderboard prize, you just need to deposit $100 within the week and make at least $500 in wagers. More details below.

Begin your Ghost Hunt experience

You won’t need any paranormal abilities to have fun in Jackpot Capital’s Ghost Hunt; just a little luck will do. Each week (starting on Monday at 2:00am US Eastern Daylight Time and ending at the same time on the following Monday), a new leaderboard will be created. Your goal is to climb the leaderboard by earning Ghost Points. You’ll get 1 point for every $20 deposited and 1 point for every $500 wagered on any of Jackpot Capital’s slots and other casino games. Simple!

At the end of the week, Jackpot Capital will take a look at the final leaderboard and award bonus prizes based on the standings of the qualified players. If you make it into the top 300, you’re guaranteed to win your share of the $16,000 weekly prize pool! The ghostly fun will then continue immediately into a new week.

Spooky bonus drops

Everyone who qualifies for the Jackpot Capital Ghost Hunt could receive a little present from the other side, to the tune of $2,500! You’ll never know when these mysterious prizes will magically appear, so log into your account often to see if these spirits have left something for you.

$5,000 in final station prizes

The ghostly fun will continue long past Halloween: Jackpot Capital will continue to give out prizes through November 18th! Once this date arrives, all the ghosts will vanish, and things will turn back to normal, but not until Jackpot Capital hands out $5,000 more in reward money.

Your final station is based not on how many ghosts you slay, but on how much you play! Jackpot Capital will randomly select a certain number of players from each station to win one of the final prizes. Hopefully the fates will choose you!

  • Station 1: 100-199 points – 10 winners of $100 bonus money
  • Station 2: 200-299 points – 7 winners of $200 bonus money
  • Station 3: 300-499 points – 5 winners of $300 bonus money
  • Station 4: 500+ points – 2 winners of $500 CASH

These ghosts are ready to play! Start spinning today at Jackpot Capital and win your share of their haunted fortune.

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