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Win Prizes in the SlotsMillion Facebook Mini Games

The SlotsMillion Facebook Games are Back with Christmas Prizes

SlotsMillion Casino are bringing back their Facebook mini games only this time they’re delivering Christmas cheer. The online casino will be delivering Christmas gifts directly to your door and all you have to do is solve a riddle and leave a comment with the answer!

Join in the Facebook Mini Games

Going right back to the start of the year SlotsMillion starting hosting special social media contests on their Facebook page. Their SlotsMillion Mini Games were open to anyone who follow their page and how they worked were very simple. 

They posted an image with a riddle on their page and the first five players to leave a comment with the correct answer wins a prize. 

Solve a riddle on the SlotsMillion Facebook page to win all kinds of prizes.

Now, don’t worry if you missed them because they are back! And they’re back bigger and better than before. 

The Christmas Edition!

The special Christmas edition of the mini games have now joined forces with Red Tiger Gaming and if you are one of the five people to comment you’ll bag yourself a prize. Not only will you win a prize, but it’ll also be delivered directly to your door.  There are some seriously nice prizes up for grabs too, so you do not want to miss it.

How to Enter

If you don’t already have a Facebook account but you want a chance to win you need to sign up and follow the SlotsMillion page. You’ll also need to stay tuned for regular updates. 

The casino will post the contest and once posted you’ll have the chance to answer correctly and leave your guess in the comments section. 

You’ll need to be as quick as you can to post an answer and be in the top 5.

The contest will take place today (Friday, the 28th of December) and when the mini game is posted you need to be as quick as you can to comment the correct answer. Don’t forget if five people comment before you comment with the correct answer you’ll just miss out on a prize. So, keep the SlotsMillion page open on your device to catch the contest as soon as it starts. 

There’ll be 5 winners, but the casino will only take into consideration correct answers. So, if someone comments before you with a wrong answer it won’t count and they’ll move on to the next correct answer. Just remember to be there today and you’ll also find the full terms and conditions over at SlotsMillion Casino. 

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