The Sky Vegas £1 Million Cash Giveaway

The Sky Vegas £1 Million Cash Giveaway

Sky Vegas has just launched a cash giveaway you won’t want to miss. From 30th October through 18th December, the kind folks at Sky Vegas will be giving out more than £1 million in cash! Prizes will be given out each and every day, and all you have to do to win is play. The sooner you start, the more cash you can win, so head over to Sky Vegas now and take part in the £1 Million Cash Giveaway today.

Everyone is invited

Sky Vegas couldn’t have made it any easier to get in on these massive daily giveaways. You literally just have to play your favourite games and you’ll be automatically entered to win. No opt-in forms, no buy-in fees, and no player status requirements.

If you aren’t already a Sky Vegas member, you can take part as soon as you register your account. Please note that Sky Vegas is only open to players living in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Ireland, and Finland at this time.

Earn tickets to win daily cash prizes

Sky Vegas will be giving out the £1 million prize pool one day at a time. To qualify for your share of the daily cash prizes, just play your favourite games! There’s no limit to what you can play, and all it takes is £10 in bets on ANY game to get your first ticket of the day. From there, you can earn even more tickets to improve your odds of winning: 1 for every £10 wagered on slots or instant win games, or for every £50 wagered on table games. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can have.

At the end of every day, Sky Vegas will randomly draw 1,533 tickets to split the daily cash prizes. You can have more than one winning ticket, so it definitely pays to play! Here’s the total daily prize pool:

  • 1 x £5,000
  • 2 x £2,000
  • 5 x £500
  • 25 x £50
  • 500 x £10
  • 1,000 x £5

Remember that these prizes are CASH, not bonus money. Your prize(s) will be added to your account within 48 hours of the drawing (but usually no later than midday by the next day), and you can use your winnings to play whatever you want or simply cash out.

Double tickets on select games

Each day, Sky Vegas will feature certain slots as “Double Ticket” games. We recommend checking this list before you play since you’ll get twice the tickets with the same amount of wagers, doubling your chances of getting big cash prizes. You might just find a new favourite game, too!

Weekly chances to win £25,000

As if more than £1 million in daily cash prizes wasn’t enough, Sky Vegas will also be giving out £25,000 to one lucky player each and every week in a Golden Ticket giveaway. You’ll get 1 Golden Ticket for every 250 daily tickets you accumulate throughout the week. Every Friday, Sky Vegas will randomly select one Golden Ticket. If your name is on it, you’ll instantly become £25,000 richer!

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